Welcome to epPoints®!

Participating in Eppendorfs customer loyality program epPoints will give you access to great rewards from our leisure & fun, lab items and Eppendorf product categories.

It´s very easy! Register your epPoints here and come closer to your favorite reward. You always have access to your collected epPoints status either via this website or will be informed via our e-mail account statement twice a year.

Keep collecting and always check for new amazing rewards!

Contact the epPoints team here

Find the sticker in the Eppendorf box.

NEW: Scan your epPoints®-codes!

Entering your epPoints codes is now much easier! Many new epPoints stickers carry a QR code which allows you to scan your epPoints codes using the camera of your mobile device, for example your smartphone or tablet PC.

It’s easy:

1. Open your preferred QR code scanner app on your mobile device.

2. Scan the QR code on the epPoints sticker by using the camera of your mobile device.

3. Login with your epPoints user data (if you haven’t done so already) or open an epPoints account.

4. Choose your product from the list.

5. Click “Go“

6. You can easily scan another code by repeating steps 1, 2, 4 and 5.

If you prefer to enter the code without scanning it or if your box contains a sticker without a QR code, you can still enter the code easily by hand. All older epPoints codes remain valid!


epPoints is Eppendorf’s customer rewards program. You can find epPoints stickers in almost every box of Eppendorf consumables.

Try it! For more information scan the QR code below or visit the epPoints mobile website: m.eppoints.com

New Rewards and Special Offers

How many points do I get for my product?

Biomaster: 50
cMaster RT: 15
Combitips Plus: 10
Denhardt´s Solution: 15
Dextran Sulphate: 15
DNA Gel Loading Buffer: 15
dNTP Mix: 15
dNTP Set: 15
DualChip Kits for gene expression: 20
Easypet: 40
ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S.®: 10
Eppendorf Plate® Deepwell 96 and 384: 10
Eppendorf Safe-Lock Gefäße: 10
epTIPS: 10
epT.I.P.S. LoRetention: 10
epTIPS Motion: 10
Fastplasmid: 15
Flex tubes: 10
HotMaster Taq DNA Polymerase: 15
HotMasterMix: 15
IPTG: 15
K-Küvetten 4071/1: 10
LidBac: 10
LoBind Tubes: 10
MasterMix: 15
MasterTaq Kit: 15
Mastertip: 10
Micro Test Tube 3810/3810X: 10
Molecular Biology Grade Water: 15
MOPS Buffer: 15
Multipette® plus: 40
Multipette stream/Xstream: 50
OriMaster: 15
PCR tubes: 10
Perfect RNA Kit: 15
Perfectprep BAC 96: 15
Perfectprep GelCleanup: 15
Perfectprep Plasmid: 15
PerfectPure C-18 Tip: 10
Phase Lock Gel: 15
Pipettenservice Deutschland: 40
Prime RNase Inhibitor: 15
Reagent Reservoirs / Tip-Tub: 10
RealMaster Mix: 15
RealMasterMix Probe: 15
Reference (fixed-volume): 40
Reference (variable): 40
Research (adjustable-volume): 40
Research (fixed-volume): 40
Research (multi-channel): 40
Research® plus (adjustable): 40
Research® plus (adjustable, multichannel): 40
Research® plus (fix): 40
Research plus3 Packs: 40
Research Pro (multi-channel): 40
Research Pro (single-channel): 40
RNA Gel Loading Buffer: 15
Service-Voucher: 25
Sheared Salmon Sperm: 15
Silverquant detection kit: 20
SSC: 15
TAE 50x: 15
Taq DNA Polymerase: 15
TBE 5x: 15
TF Chip MAPK kit: 20
Top Buret: 40
TripleMaster: 15
twin.tec plate: 10
twin.tec real-time PCR plates: 10
UVette: 10
Varipette®: 40
Varispenser®: 40
Varispenser® plus: 40
Varitip: 10
X-Gal: 15
Xplorer®: 40
10xTaqBuffer (+/-Mg): 15
5x TaqMaster: 15

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Can I take part in epPoints if my country is not taking part?

If your country is not yet listed, you cannot register for epPoints. Please contact us via the contact form and tell us about your interest in participating in our epPoints program.

Which products bear epPoints labels?

Please read the section "How many points do I get for my products?" below

How can I register for epPoints?

All registered myEppendorf users can use epPoints and even get 50 welcome points.

Can I open more than one epPoints account?

No, that is not permitted (see Terms and Conditions 1.2).

How can I collect epPoints?

You simply have to remove the epPoints from your Eppendorf product packaging and state the code and relevant Eppendorf product online. Check our list of participating products in the section at the top of this page. epPoints can be collected when you purchase pipettes, tips, tubes and reagents. Please also take note of our campaigns: we frequently credit epPoints.

How can I redeem the epPoints I have collected?

The epPoints Rewards Shop offers attractive rewards in three different sections. Log on to myEppendorf and visit the Rewards Shop. Here you can select your favorite rewards directly online. Just add the reward to your cart, check the quantity and shipping address and send off your order. It couldn't be easier!

Please take note that it is not possible to pay your epPoints out in cash.

Do I have to pay mailing costs for the delivery of a reward?

Redeeming your epPoints for attractive rewards is of course free of mailing costs for you.

How long does the delivery of a reward take?

Please allow up to 8 weeks for the delivery of your reward. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from us directly after the receipt of your order and also after dispatch of your reward.

Should your order date back more than eight weeks and you have not heard from us, please contact us via the contact form.

How can I check my epPoints account balance?

Your current epPoints account balance can be seen at the top of the epPoints start page and the reward category pages. A record of all transactions can be found on the My Transactions page. If you discover any discrepancies please contact us via the contact form.

How can I cancel my epPoints account?

You can cancel your participation in the bonus program of Eppendorf AG at any time with immediate effect. You have to deactivate your complete myEppendorf account.

Please log on and visit the My Profile page and use the Deactivate Account feature.

How can I amend my data?

If there has been a change in your address or other participant data, log on to myEppendorf and visit the "My Profile" page. Here you can change your address.

It is not possible to change your user name and country. If you wish to do so, please let us know via the contact form and we will make the necessary changes for you.

Is the security of my data guaranteed?

On registration the participant declares his consent to the collection, processing and utilization of epPoints data which come into being on use of the bonus program, for the provision and organization of offers in accordance with demand. The transmission of personal address data may only be effected to the shipper of the reward and where services explicitly requested by the participant necessitate the transmission of his data. Any transmission of prepared data for the purposes of advertising and market research shall be solely performed on an anonymous basis. This declaration of consent is voluntary and can be revoked at any time.

Conditions of participation

The epPoints Terms & Conditions can be found here.

Participating countries

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Heard and McDonald Islands
Ireland (Republic only)
Lao Peoples Democratic Republic
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
Russian Federation
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
South Korea
Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States of America

Your country is not listed? Then contact ep-points@eppendorf.com

*) Our epPoints customer rewards program is not available in all countries. Rewards may vary by country. Availability of rewards not always guaranteed. Please register and log in to see offers in your country.