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  epMotion M5073  

epMotion M5073 – nucleic acid preparation and flexibility for more.

Use dedicated MagSep reagent kits with the epMotion M5073 for unattended DNA or RNA preparations from 1 to 24 samples from various sources.

The Eppendorf EasyCon control panel and Prep assistant software guide step by step through the easy and fast automation process. The new reuse tips feature and epT.I.P.S. Motion SafeRack tips can help to reduce tip consumption during wash steps. The SafeRack tip boxes include individual tip compartments that reduce any risk of cross contamination when tips are stored back in the box for reuse. More flexibility and complexity for various liquid handling tasks can be programed by the established epBlue software that is installed on the Eppendorf EasyCon as well. Automate tedious, multi-step pipetting tasks in minutes, like plate reformatting, serial dilutions, sample transfer or normalizations, pooling, hit-picking, assay set-up or cell handling. The epMotion M5073 is delivered with all accessories and tools required for nucleic acid preparation.

A key feature of the epMotion M5073 is the unique 3D-MagSep Technology. This combination of magnetic finger module and TMX facilitates magnetic separation, mixing and temperature control of 1-24 sample tubes in one location.
The epMotion M5073 can be ordered with or without Eppendorf CleanCap option.
The automatic tool exchange will also recognize a gripper that can be added to the system.

The new epT.I.P.S. Motion SafeRack tips for the reuse tips feature with the epMotion 5073 can be ordered via:

epT.I.P.S. Motion Filter 50 µL 10 Safe-Racks with 96 tips each PCR clean0030 014.618
epT.I.P.S. Motion Filter 1 000 µL 10 Safe-Racks with 96 tips each PCR clean0030 014.650
epT.I.P.S. Motion 50 µL 10 SafeRacks with 96 tips each Eppendorf Quality0030 014.600
epT.I.P.S. Motion 1000 µL 10 SafeRacks with 96 tips each Eppendorf Quality     0030 014.642

For dedicated MagSep reagent kits please visit
For specific epMotion Performance plans please visit the
For more information please download the broschure (PDF, 6MB) or view dedicated

Only for epMotion M5073 and M5073c: Limited Use Label License
Notice to purchaser; limited license for research use only This product and its use may be covered by one or more patents owned by Gen-Probe Incorporated. The purchase price for this product includes only limited, nontransferable rights under certain claims of certain patents owned by Gen-Probe Incorporated to use this product for research purposes only. No other rights are conveyed. Purchaser is not granted any rights under patents of Gen-Probe Incorporated to use this product for any commercial use. Further information regarding purchasing a license under patents of Gen-Probe Incorporated to use this product for any other purposes, including, without limitation, for commercial use, may be obtained by contacting Gen-Probe Incorporated, Attn: Business Development Department, 10210 Genetic Center Drive, San Diego, California 92121-4362, U.S.A.

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