Customer information

We help defeat COVID-19

Eppendorf has had a clear mission for 75 years: To improve people’s living conditions. The current challenges posed by the corona virus are therefore both a mission and a motivation for us: We support scientists, researchers and diagnosticians around the world in the fight against COVID-19.

To this end, we are concentrating on two main key aspects:

  • Ensuring the health of our globally active employees.
  • To provide laboratories with the most modern, innovative equipment and high quality consumables to develop tests to determine whether someone is infected with the corona virus and to search for vaccines and effective drugs against the corona virus.

Our primary goal is to ensure Eppendorf's production and delivery capacity for this purpose, so that the pandemic can be contained quickly and efficiently and the virus combated safely and sustainably.

Eppendorf`s group-wide customer statement on COVID-19

I would like to update you on the precautions and actions that Eppendorf is taking due to the rapidly changing situation of the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19).

The health and safety of our customers, employees and visitors to our Eppendorf offices is our top priority. We’re also proactively working with our customers and suppliers on how we best manage the situation and mitigate risk. Due to the situation evolving rapidly, we are continuing to monitor it closely. We have established an internal taskforce comprised of members of our Executive team, our Health and Safety experts and other relevant staff who meet regularly and ensure our actions and procedures implemented are timely, adequate and appropriate. The precautions and actions we are taking are in line with the advice provided by state and national governments and World Health Organisation (WHO). We have communicated with our internal employees and advised them of protective hygiene measures as recommended by WHO.

Regarding international exposure, we are also following government advice and have implemented travel restrictions in line with this advice. These restrictions are being monitored daily. We have also taken further measures to limit the exposure of our people to spaces where large groups congregate, and as such have extended our international travel restrictions to include all non- essential domestic travel.

With regards to supply chain disruption, we are monitoring the situation daily with respect to air freight and sea freight and continuity of supply. We will continue to update you on a real-time basis. We have taken the measure to increase our local stock holding significantly to counteract any possible impact and buffer us through the period. We have also put in place contingency plans with our logistics providers to ensure deliveries remain regular.

From a manufacturing perspective we are fortunate that most of our products are made in Europe with little reliance on other parts of the world and currently we are still meeting global demand. We are also revising all open supply agreements to ensure we adhere to the contract, and will advise in advance should this become problematic.

If we are required to close the Eppendorf office, we have contingency plans in place to ensure we minimise any impact on you the customer. We also have, and are continually testing, our business continuity plans to ensure our operations can continue during this time with minimal interruption. In being transparent we expect possible delays and response times as we adapt to new working conditions, but we will minimise and prioritise these as best we can.

There is clearly a great deal of uncertainty for people and organisations to navigate due to the escalating situation with COVID-19. However, what is certain is that in times such as these, collaboration and working together becomes even more important. To that extent I encourage you to keep an open dialogue with your Account Manager, should you have any questions regarding our response to the current pandemic.

Matt Banfield, Managing Director