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Great Versatility for All Your Applications

New Centrifuge 5910 R sets the next benchmark in versatility, capacity and user convenience. Cell harvests carried out in up to 4 x 1,000 mL bottles, large scale purification of DNA/RNA as well as Ficoll® gradients are just a few examples of the many areas of application served by this centrifuge. Its new swing-bucket rotor S-4xUniversal and the universal adapters accommodate bottles, plates, and 15 mL and 50 mL conical tubes and offer more versatility than standard multipurpose centrifuges do. Centrifuge 5910 R speeds up your workflows with 4-liter capacity in a 3-liter footprint.

  • Automatic rotor recognition and built-in imbalance sensors to protect the centrifuge, your samples and most importantly you
  • Excellent cooling performance to keep your samples safe
  • Designed to operate at low noise levels for a relaxing work environment

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Free Up Your Bench Space

Is space a limited resource in your lab or are you looking for an ergonomic positioning of your Eppendorf centrifuge? The new Mobile Tables save precious benchtop space and provide the freedom and flexibility to use your centrifuge wherever you need it.

  • Designed for Centrifuge 5804/5804 R, 5810/5810 R, 5910 R, and 5920 R
  • Low design model fits under standard lab bench with centrifuge lid closed
  • High design model with ergonomic height for easy loading and unloading

Both mobile tables have a very sturdy design for safe centrifugation and are equipped with heavy-duty transport wheels and brakes.

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Improved Handling and Faster Workflows

Rotor S-4xUniversal with universal buckets and universal adapters: Three innovative universal adapters can spin a selection of tubes, plates and bottles:

  • Adapter 1: 5.0 mL and 15 mL conical tubes, DWP
  • Adapter 2: 50 mL conical tubes, MTP
  • Adapter 3: 50 mL conical tubes, 250 mL bottles, MTP
  • No need to change rotor or rotor buckets. This improves handling and speeds up your workflows.

Increase Your Input and Expand Your Output

New rotor FA-6x250 extends application range of large benchtop Centrifuges 5910 R and 5920 R. This includes harvesting of bacteria, algae and yeast, as well as mammalian cells in vessels up to 250 mL. 

  • High speed: 15,054 × g (10,100 rpm)
  • Simple and fast handling: Eppendorf QuickLock® lid
  • Stress-free work: low weight of only 5.3 kg

A broad selection of 12 different adapters minimizes the need for cumbersome rotor exchanges during the workflow. This simplifies handling and saves time.


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Spin the Bottle

If throughput matters in your lab, capacity is key. Increase capacity and throughput with large volume centrifuge bottles for Centrifuge 5910 R.

  • High throughput: 400 mL and 1,000 mL working volume ideal for cell harvesting applications
  • Low risk of contamination: bottles and lids autoclavable, UV-resistant and dishwasher-proof
  • High visibility of pellets: low opacity of polypropylene

New 400 mL and 1,000 mL centrifuge bottles are a reusable solution for large-volume cell harvesting applications.


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Have a Good Spin

Centrifuge 5910 R - Simplify Your DNA Extraction with Universal Adapters

Learn how Centrifuge 5910 R can simplify your plasmid DNA extraction. Cell harvests carried out in bottles and conical tubes without changing rotor buckets and adapters.

Centrifuge 5910 R – Speed Up Your Workflows with Universal Adapters

Learn how the new universal adapters of Centrifuge 5910 R facilitate faster workflows with 15 mL and 50 mL conical tubes as well as plates and 250 mL bottles. No need for changing rotor or rotor buckets anymore.

Centrifuge 5910 R – Protect your samples and save energy with automated pre cooling

Learn how FastTemp pro® can take care of pre-cooling Centrifuge 5910 R in the morning so you don’t have to. This saves energy overnight and programming is super easy.

Significant Benefits

Centrifuge 5910 R – Excellent User Convenience

Centrifuge 5910 R feature an advanced operation system that comes with an easy to use interface to make the operation intuitive and more enjoyable. The multilingual operation menu includes 5 program keys for easy access to your routine programs.

Centrifuge 5910 R – Innovative Safety Features

For the safe handling of substances that pose a health hazard as well as toxic liquids or pathogenic microorganisms, we highly recommend using our aerosol-tight Eppendorf QuickLock® caps. Thanks to their unique design you can carry the closed bucket securely to the biosafety cabinet and open it there - in a safe environment.

Centrifuge 5910 R – Great Ergonomics

Eppendorf’s fixed-angle rotors are among the lightest in the market to improve handling and operational safety. Aerosol-tight Eppendorf QuickLock® lids allow for fast and ergonomic lid locking with only ¼ of a turn. Aluminum, with its superior thermal conductivity, make fast pre-cooling and accurate temperature control possible. 

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