Grand Prize Winner 2021
Amber L. Alhadeff, Ph.D.
“Interoceptive sensing and control of behavior by hunger neurons”

Finalist 2021
Justin Rustenhoven, Ph.D.
“A privileged brain”

Finalist 2021
Andreas J. Keller, Ph.D.
“Hidden in plain sight – Context controls the activity of sensory neurons”

Virtual Prize Ceremony Program – Tuesday, November 9, 2021
5:00 pm CET, 11:00 am EST, 8:00 am PST


Axel Jahns, Ph.D. Vice President Corporate Citizenship and Governmental Affairs, Eppendorf SE
Bill Moran Publisher, AAAS/Science
Eva van Pelt       Co-CEO & Chief Commercial Officer, Eppendorf SE
Peter Stern, M.D., Ph.D. Science Senior Editor and Prize Jury Chair
Justin Rustenhoven, Ph.D. 2021 Finalist, Washington University in St. Louis, USA
Essay: A privileged brain
Andreas J. Keller, Ph.D. 2021 Finalist, Institute of Molecular and Clinical Ophthalmology Basel & University of Basel, Switzerland
Essay: Hidden in plain sight – context controls the activity of sensory neurons
Amber L. Alhadeff, Ph.D.

2021 Winner, Monell Chemical Senses Center & University of Pennsylvania, USA
Essay: Interoceptive sensing and control of behavior by hunger neurons

Christopher Zimmerman, Ph.D. 2020 Winner, Princeton Neuroscience Institute, USA
Dennis Barger President, Eppendorf North America, Inc.

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