Your Centrifuge Solution

Your Centrifuge Solution

You deserve the best laboratory equipment to ensure that your separation tasks run smoothly every time. That’s why our goal is to provide optimized solutions for you and your requirements. Therefore, Eppendorf has acquired the centrifuge business of the Japanese company Koki Holdings Co., Ltd, whose products are marketed under the brand name Himac on July 1, 2020.

With more than 130 years of combined experience in the development of centrifuges, a customer-oriented and innovative mindset, and of course passion for what we do, the joined portfolio of Himac and Eppendorf now provides solutions for all your centrifugation challenges. We are happy to support a wide range of separation applications with an extensive portfolio of centrifuges, rotors, adapters and consumables, as well as service offerings.

Eppendorf – German Engineering
Eppendorf – German Engineering

Since the first microcentrifuge was launched in 1964 as a part of the famous microliter system, Eppendorf is developing, producing and distributing high-quality benchtop centrifuges. Generations of scientists have been working with our centrifuges since then, and their popularity has steadily grown over the years due to their userfriendliness, quality and longevity.

Himac - Quality made in Japan
Himac - Quality made in Japan

Himac was founded in 1948 in Tokyo, (back then named Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd.) and since then has strived to develop and produce world-class life science equipment. As a result of continuous R&D and human resource development, Himac has acquired core technology leadership in ultra-high speed motors, ultra-high precision machining and electronic control technology.

Our Centrifuge Portfolio – Your Centrifuge Solution

From your personal 12-place microcentrifuge to compact and super-versatile benchtop centrifuges to high-speed floorstanding centrifuges with the option to harvest bacterial or cell cultures in up to 6 x 1000 mL bottles to ultracentrifuges with speeds up to 150,000 rpm (1,050,000 x g): Our united portfolio can now offer comprehensive solutions in the areas of molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology.

Stronger together, with perfect synergy in technology, quality and proficiency, you will now discover a million reasons to rely on us.

For your Daily Separation Tasks - our Benchtop Centrifuges

Whether you want to spin a few tubes at a time or you demand extra versatility for handling volumes up to four liter or high-throughput of tubes and plates, the Eppendorf benchtop centrifuge portfolio offers the fitting solution for you.


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For your High-Speed and large Capacity Separation Tasks – our Floorstanding Centrifuges

Do you want to process more than four liter per run or do you need speeds of up to 110,000 x g? Then you will find our high-speed floorstanding centrifuges are your tool of choice.


Discover our floorstanding centrifuges

epServices® for Premium Performance

The Full Value

Your success is our concern.
Eppendorf is known as a market leader in providing outstanding quality and consistently reliable instruments and consumables. Above all, we are committed to providing sincere, reliable services and tools to help you maintain premium performance and maximum safety of our instruments and your applications. This includes a comprehensive range of carefully designed service solutions performed by our dedicated Technical Service teams worldwide.

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Enabling you to solve the toughest challenges in research.

„In recent years, Eppendorf has continuously expanded and consolidated its global position as a leading supplier of benchtop centrifuges. With Himac, we are expanding our product range to include floorstanding and high-speed centrifuges as well as clinical and automated centrifuges that were not previously part of our portfolio. Together we will be a one-stop shop for centrifuges around the world and offer our customers the highest quality solutions."

Dr. Peter Fruhstorfer, Co-CEO Eppendorf AG

Dr. Peter Fruhstorfer, Co-CEO Eppendorf AG

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