Eppendorf Moments

  • Kora Nov 21, 2020

    I dealt with old, stiff, and inaccurate pipettors for years until my PI let us order a set of the new Eppendorf Research Plus pipettors; our entire project changed! Faster set up times and consistent PCR results led to us replacing all of our = outdated instruments with Eppendorf. We will never go back, especially if we keep getting those fantastic Eppi pipette pens.

    Year – when did this happen: 2018

    Location – where did this happen: Seattle

  • Maurizio Mancosu Nov 21, 2020

    It was 2018, my last year of University. My last chapter of my thesis, only statistical analysis was missing "Oh my god.." - I was thinking - "..one more cycle of PCR and my works is done, finally!". At this time I was working on project about thyroid cancer and its correlation with autoimmune diseases, and it was a very hard work, because in a molecular biology lab you have to avoid any kind of contamination otherwise work of a months is lost. This time, I don't know why, I decided to use, to recover DNA from the tube, another pipette, from another brand and not using the same Eppendorf pipette which I usually use. The results? Contamination, I had to restart again all the experiments. For this reason, from that day on, I rely only on Eppendorf, partly for superstition!

    Year – when did this happen: 2018

    Location – where did this happen: Italy

  • Lara Nov 21, 2020

    I always used low cost pipettes during my intership years with related problems of calibration and poor quality. In 2018 I've started my PhD program and I finally bought an entire set of Eppendorf pipettes. I'm still using them and I'm a very happy researcher. I love the high quality of products and their precision especially with small volumes. In my lab all instruments are Eppendorf (centrifuges, thermomixers, vortex) and are always perfect.

    Year – when did this happen: 2018

    Location – where did this happen: Novara, Italy

  • Kate Nov 21, 2020

    My Eppendorf moment was having to deal with really old manual pipettes (of another brand) and then being allowed to splurge and buy some new manual and electronic Eppendorf pipettes, it made the team i work with so happy! The smooth glide, consistent, accurate pipetting and therefore results, just pure bliss in the labs!

    Year – when did this happen: 2016

    Location – where did this happen: UK

  • Dorien Scholtens Nov 21, 2020

    When we were involved with the nomination SNB and when on the 19th of November we were involded in the Anniversary Celebrating I thought, okay this is very nice, this is my Eppendorf Moment! I really believe Eppendorf cares about 'their' people and together (how big or small your tasks are) we make great products!

    Location – where did this happen: Groningen

  • Melita Nov 21, 2020

    In my first week of Highschool (11th grade, Germany) we had class in the lab for biotechnology. It was my first time to hear about Eppendorf and about their products.

    Our teacher taught us about every single product we had in lab and most of it was from Eppendorf.

    Ever since, my friends and I were always really excited for biotechnology lessons in the lab, where we were able to use all of the equipment. Now, after graduation, we are all continuing to pursue science and are excited for the future.

    Year – when did this happen: 2017

    Location – where did this happen: Germany

  • Subhakankha Nov 21, 2020

    It was 3 new eppendorf pipettes i received as soon as i joined the PhD program, the pipette 10, 100 and 1000 ul were super smooth, accurate, and ergonomic, that I fell in love with. I had used a competitors pipettes for the last 4 years and never felt the same. The pipettes are lightweight and I used them for as long as 6 hours continuously!


    Thanks to eppendorf

    Year – when did this happen: 2020

    Location – where did this happen: Berlin

  • Wiktoria Nov 17, 2020

    During my masters I did a lot of molecular experiments, so, as you know you usually pipette super small amounts. And in my lab there is only one pipette that is from 0.2 to 2.5 and its Eppendorf. There were 4 of us and we used to fight for it everyday.

    Year – when did this happen: 2019

    Location – where did this happen: Poland, Torun

  • Nagarjun Malagol Nov 17, 2020



    My eppendorf moment : I realized right after pipetting the mastermix into my 384 well plate, that I forgot to charge my multichannel eppendorf pippette for pipetting DNA: Luckily it took only few moments to recharge multichannel pipette and use it. However, the primers didn't work on the population though. So, the PCR was a fail!


    Providing amazing quality with great accuracy and efficient pipettes for producing reliable experiments. I would to take this opportunity to congratulate eppendorf on 75th anniversary!


    Year – when did this happen: 2020

    Location – where did this happen: Germany

  • Evelin Nov 17, 2020

    The first pipette I ever held in my hand was one form EPPENDORF in my course at university, where we learned how to pipette. I always really liked them, however, it took me three years and one internship for my bachelor thesis, to realize how geat they actually are. During my whole time at university I only used pipettes from EPPENDORF, the only exception was my last internship. There were also some other ones, but they never got used by anyone, because they were just terrible. EPPENDORF just work so smooth and lie in you hand, like they are made for it.


    On top of that I think a laboratory without EPPENDORF tubes is definitely not complete.

    Year – when did this happen: 2018

    Location – where did this happen: Austria