UVette<sup>®</sup> Starter Set

UVette® Starter Set

UVette® starter set, 80 UVettes and 1 universal adapter for light path height of 15 mm and 8.5 mm, 50 – 2000 µL

  • individually packaged
  • PCR-clean and protein-free quality
  • UV transparent plastic, free of fluoropolymers and other halogenated hydrocarbons
  • Two built-in optical path lengths in a single cuvette - just turn the UVette 90° to change from 10 mm and 2 mm
  • Volume markings for 500 µL and 1,000 µL
  • Individually packaged and certified PCR clean and protein-free quality for sensitive (e.g. RNA) and valuable samples
  • Deep-lying optical window prevents scratches
  • Tapered cuvette base for optimal filling, frosted grip for labeling
  • Ideal for use in the Eppendorf BioPhotometer and Eppendorf BioSpectrometer, adapters available for use with other common spectrophotometers
  • Routine pack for convenient access to each UVette and safe storage in a reclosable box

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