Pipette Trade-In Offer 2021


01/01/21 - 31/12/21 | Local Promotions Australia

Now is the time to trade-in or trade-up any brand pipette, in any condition for a new Eppendorf pipette.

Save up to 25 %
Trade-in or Trade-up from your old model (any brand) single- or multi-channel pipette, dispenser, manual or electronic dispenser, manual single- or multi-channel pipette, bottle-top dispenser or pipetting aid for a new:

    > Eppendorf Research® plus
    > Eppendorf Reference® 2

    > Multipette® M4
    > Eppendorf Multipette® E3/E3x
    > Eppendorf Xplorer® or Xplorer® plus
    > Eppendorf Varispenser® 2x
    > Eppendorf Easypet® 3