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Hardware Components of the VisioNize® System

Would you like to upgrade some of your Eppendorf devices to be connectable? No problem! Eppendorf VisioNize-qualified devices can be connected to the VisioNize system with the help of VisioNize box.

VisioNize box: Hardware hub to connect additional devices

With VisioNize box you can connect Eppendorf VisioNize-qualified devices to the VisioNize system. The hub works as a data-decoding and translation system and lets you collect device data in VisioNize core.


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Easy to install hardware hub

The VisioNize box is easy to install and is connected to the VisioNize system and VisioNize-qualified devices over your local network.


See how to connect the different devices:

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Upgrade already installed devices and connect them to VisioNize

Many of the Eppendorf devices you may have already installed as well as new Eppendorf devices without VisioNize touch interface can be upgraded to a connectable instrument and then displayed and monitored using VisioNize core and VisioNize go.

Feature Overview VisioNize-qualified devices

Due to the fact that the VisioNize-qualified devices have not been developed in line with the VisioNize system, they are limited in some functionality. Nevertheless, the connectivity upgrade using the VisioNize box adds some valuable features to your already installed lab equipment. And we constantly work on adding new features. Thus, keep track on our VisioNize website to always be informed about the functional range of your VisioNize-qualified device and the VisioNize system in general.

VisioNize Model Overview


  • CryoCube® F570
  • CryoCube® F570h
  • CryoCube® FC660
  • CryoCube® FC660h


  • Innova® 44/44R
  • Innova® 43/43R
  • Innova® 42/42R
  • Innova® 40/40R


  • Mastercycler® Nexus
  • Mastercycler® Nexus eco
  • Mastercycler® Nexus gradient
  • Mastercycler® Nexus gradient eco
  • Mastercycler® Nexus flat
  • Mastercycler® Nexus flat eco
  • Mastercycler® Nexus X2
  • Mastercycler® Nexus X2 eco
  • Mastercycler® Nexus GX2
  • Mastercycler® Nexus GX2 eco
  • Mastercycler® Nexus SX1
  • Mastercycler® Nexus SX1 eco
  • Mastercycler® Nexus GSX1
  • Mastercycler® Nexus GSX1 eco


  • Eppendorf ThermoMixer® C
  • Eppendorf ThermoMixer® F0.5
  • Eppendorf ThermoMixer® F1.5
  • Eppendorf ThermoMixer® F2.0
  • Eppendorf ThermoMixer® FP


  • Eppendorf BioSpectrometer® basic
  • Eppendorf BioSpectrometer® kinetic
  • Eppendorf BioSpectrometer® fluorescence
  • Eppendorf BioPhotometer® D30


  • Centrifuge 5424 R
  • Centrifuge 5920 R


  • DASGIP® Parallel Bioreactor System
  • DASbox®
  • BioFlo® 120
  • BioFlo® 320
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