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    In you pharmaceutical lab, you demand tools that you can fully rely on – tools that improve your work, let you focus on the important tasks, and enable you to do better research, with more vomfort, and reproducible results. These results can make a difference and we are proud to be part of your journey, providing you premium tools from our lab to your lab.




    Centrifugation in Flow

    Screening assays, protein expression, cell culture, and upscaling are the main tools utilized during mAb drug discovery. The many diverse methods involve various vessel formats, kit applications, cooled sample handling, high-throughput applications, or cell handling. Individual requirements on the used device have to be met to stay in tune with efficiency, reliability, sample and user safety. We have tailored the perfect centrifugation bundles to the specific requirements of each mAb workflow application!

    Pipetting in Flow

    Do you regularly transfer samples from one vessel format to another, for example from tubes to plates, and are you looking for a more efficient and safe solution? The new Move It® pipette with adjustable tip spacing speeds up and simplifies the simultaneous pipetting of several samples. The unique design without tubing connections provides increased precision and durability as well as safety for users and samples.

    Centrifugation of Versatile Vessels in Flow

    Do you have less time but more samples? Antigen concentration, hybridoma development, flow cytometry, and PBMC isolation involve many centrifugation runs with diverse vessel formats and temperature-sensitive samples. Our solution helps you handle versatile samples trouble-free with universal rotors and adapters, optimal cooling for sample safety, and programmable settings for fast and reproducible operation.

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