Absolute Confidence

Mastercycler® Performance Plans

Preventive Maintenance

The Mastercycler Performance Plans offer a choice of preventive maintenance services for consistent instrument performance and confidence in safety.

  • The “Essential Check” includes a check of all fundamental functions of the product.
  • The “Advanced Maintenance” includes all preventive maintenance services in order to keep the instrument in accordance with the manufacturer specifications.

Certification Services

Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) certification services ensure your Quality Management requirements are fulfilled, providing you with qualified assurance that your Mastercycler is functioning correctly, in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications.

Temperature verification

Temperature verification of selected well positions and adjustment of the cycler block temperature if necessary is highly recommended to assure instrument consistency and accuracy. The temperature verification is a very accurate and precise method and meets all documentation and detection requirements in the laboratory according to all national and international standards, e.g.: NIST (USA), DKD/PTB (Germany), UKAS/NPL (UK), COFRAC/LNE (France), NMIA (Australia), MSL (New Zealand). The applicable standards for all other countries apply as well. A full reference list can be found at www.bipm.org/en/cipm-mra/.

Color Calibration

Depending on frequency of usage of your Mastercycler ep realplex or environmental conditions a color calibration should be performed on your Mastercycler ep realplex once a year.


Due to the high level of complexity of real-time PCR techniques a PCR validation assay to validate the overall performance of the Mastercycler ep realplex system is recommended or even required in GLP-compliant laboratories.