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Why You Should Switch to an Electronic Pipette

Better Reproducibility

With digital settings input and smooth, motor-operated piston movement with several speed settings, electronic pipettes guarantee consistent, user-independent results. Depending on the volume handled, pipetting precision can be improved by up to 60% compared with a mechanical pipette, according to internal tests by Eppendorf.

  • Exact piston movement enables handling of challenging liquids with improved user-to-user reproducibility
  • Improved precision allows users to work with lower volumes, reducing consumption of consumables and reagents
  • Less need to repeat experiments due to reproducibility problems

Fatigue-Free Pipetting

Mechanical pipettes are operated by thumb action, which can become painful over time and even lead to repetitive strain injuries (RSI). With electronic pipettes, settings and the pipetting process are controlled via light-touch buttons. The result: improved ergonomics and greater overall comfort for your thumb, wrist and arm.

  • No strained thumb – even after a long day pipetting in the lab
  • Electronic pipettes are typically very well-balanced and the single-channel models weigh only as much as their mechanical multi-channel counterparts
  • Button positioning for natural hand movements and easy-to-read displays support your well-being in the lab

Increased Efficiency

Electronic pipettes are versatile precision instruments that make liquid handling quick and easy. They offer various operating modes, from pipetting to mixing, repeated dispensing or determining volumes. Storable volume settings and protocols further speed up routine pipetting tasks.

  • Wide variety of operating modes – for instance, dispensing mode enables fast plate-filling
  • No need to change settings during workflows: Focus on the liquid handling task and work more quickly with fewer errors
  • Electronic multi-channel pipettes further increase your efficiency when working with PCR strips or plates

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FAQ about Electronic Pipettes

I'm sure that an electronic pipette is much too complicated for me.

Xplorer pipettes were designed for intuitive and easy operation without the need to search through a myriad of submenus. All the modes are quickly accessible via the selection dial and the settings are clearly arranged on the display. Help texts and guidance through the settings are available in nine languages.

I don't have any control over the piston movements with an electronic pipette.

That's not true for Xplorer pipettes. The innovative rocker with the “up is up”  (aspiration) and “down is down” (dispensing) principle allows you to move or stop the piston in both directions at any time.

Electronic pipettes are big, heavy and not ergonomic.

We see why you might think that. But at just 157 grams, your Xplorer single-channel pipette with 1,000 μL weighs about the same as a mechanical pipette with eight channels and less than many other electronic pipettes on the market. And while that is still a bit heavier than a single-channel mechanical pipette, weight is not the only factor in an ergonomic tool. Developed according to the principles of the Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept®, Xplorer pipettes feature an ideal balance in both right- and left-hand use, have a convenient handle, and require virtually no operating force thanks to their light-touch rocker and operating buttons. Your arm, wrist and thumb will thank you later!

I've heard the batteries in electronic pipettes are always empty when you need them.

The Li-ion polymer battery in an Xplorer pipette will last hundreds of pipetting steps. Thanks to a separate charging socket, the battery can even be charged while working with the pipette. When not in use, it's best to place the pipette on the Charger Carousel 2 or Charger Stand 2 so that its batteries are always full. And when it's time to replace the battery after three years of use, you need only a minute to do so.
To keep your Xplorer battery in good shape, just follow these simple steps:
1) Fully charge and discharge your new pipette a few times
2) Pull the battery plug when storing the pipette unused for more than four weeks
3) If a pipette is not in use, recharge it every two months

Electronic pipettes are too expensive for me.

Looking at the total cost of ownership, an electronic pipette can often be the most cost-conscious choice: You’ll work faster and more accurately than when you pipette with mechanical instruments. Your productivity will be higher and the increased accuracy allows you to work with lower volumes and therefore use less reagents and fewer consumables. With several modes, an Xplorer pipette can do the work of multiple lab instruments and may be all you need to save valuable bench time – and with it, long-term costs.

But isn't it inconvenient to maintain and clean electronic pipettes?

Regular maintenance, cleaning and calibration is very similar to mechanical pipettes – temporary adjustment is even easier! The three key differences are:
1) You should wipe your pipette with disinfectant instead of spraying it
2) You can only autoclave the lower part of Xplorer pipettes
3) You need to replace the battery after three years of use
Read more about cleaning and inspection in our User Guide 24.

Scientists' Voices

Do you want to know what other scientists think of Eppendorf Xplorer pipettes? Here are some user quotes from the prestigious SelectScience® platform:

  • "Very good instrument – I can certainly recommend it."
    "This electronic pipette helps us with the various tricky steps of NGS library prep, like dispensing reagents to save time and achieve repeatedly great results."
  • "Keeps my assays on tract to get results quickly"
    "Very reproducible assay results. Excellent efficacy for addition of liquid to plates. Reduces ergonomic stress."
  • "Can't imagine doing qPCR without it!"
    "This automated pipette is very convenient when looking a 384-well qPCR plate. It is highly precise and the digital screen makes it clear what the settings are."
  • "The best of liquid handling"
    "Very handy micropipette, lots of options to work with, programmable volumes, different working modes...a must to boost the productivity of any lab."

Choose an Eppendorf Xplorer electronic pipette and enjoy ergonomic, efficient pipetting with precisely adjustable parameters and reproducible results!

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