NGS Made Easy
    NGS Made Easy

    Optimize your next-generation sequencing library preparation with the epMotion®

    NGS library preparation made easy and reliable

    Next-generation sequencing sample preparation is a labor-intensive process, which requires experience, precision and accuracy to generate high-quality NGS libraries.

    The Eppendorf epMotion can automate this pipetting-intensive protocol into a ready-to-run procedure with minimal user-interventions and setup time even for runs with low sample numbers. To minimize programming time and get you up and running quickly, Eppendorf provides pre-optimized and manufacturer-qualified next-generation sequencing reagent kit methods that will result in reproducible preparation of high-quality NGS libraries.

    The sequencing results are comparable or better to those from manual preparation. Trust in the Eppendorf epMotion to automate your next-generation sequencing library preparation and eliminate the risk of human pipetting errors, provide reproducible results and increase overall productivity.

    Key highlights of epMotion 5075 NGS solution

    • Industry-proven, large repertoire of qualified NGS methods
    • Very high pipetting accuracy (Systematic error: 0.31 % at 1 μL) and precision (Random error: 1.97 % at 1 μL)
    • Reproducible results and increased productivity
    • UV decontamination and HEPA air filter for sterile working
    • Intuitive software for ease-of-use and rapid method design
    • 3D run simulation to optimize speed and efficiency of new methods
    • Intelligent accessories maximize available deck space and increase sample throughput and walk-away time
    • Integrated, high-performance Eppendorf ThermoMixer® for efficient mixing of magnetic beads
    • Integrated thermal module for reliable enzymatic incubations on deck
    • Touchscreen MultiCon PC, or EasyCon tablet with Windows® 10
    • Powerful Magnum FLX magnet allow bead-based purification in plates with minimal elution volumes
    • Optional: Miniaturization of sample volume down to 200 nL for reagent saving is possible with the high precision 10 µL dispensing tool

    Specific benefits of the epMotion 5075 NGS solution

    The epMotion 5075 next-generation sequencing solution combines automated liquid handling and unique software features with the accessories and high-quality consumables you need for reliable NGS library preparation and maximum next-generation sequencing kit flexibility.

    Intelligent Tool Selection automatically decides which tools (single or 8-channel) to use for fastest run time – ideal when sample numbers change frequently or are not a multiple-of-8

    Get improved results due to unique options that help remove remaining liquid after washing steps more effectively to prevent carryover that could be detrimental to library preps. The email notification option keeps you informed about the status of your library prep run.

    Great flexibility for your NGS preparations needs

    Pre-optimized and qualified next-generation sequencing library prep methods for use with epMotion automated liquid handling system:

    The Eppendorf vast list of epMotion automated NGS sample prep methods has been qualified by kit manufacturer and customers to deliver sequencing results that are comparable or better to those from manual preparation.

    The highly accurate pipetting system combined with unique operating features ensures that the quality of the data generated by the methods meets or most often exceeds the stringent kit manufacturer’s qualification guidelines to give you peace of mind that the epMotion will reproducibly deliver high-quality next-generation sequencing libraries.

    For an up-to-date list of qualified NGS methods and applications please visit:

    More information

    NGS made easy in action

    Experience how the epMotion performs accurate pipetting and incubation steps in next-generation sequencing protocols. Showing a selected method from the vast number of established protocols, we demonstrate how important but tedious steps, like bead purifications, can be faithfully performed.

    All systems go for optimal NGS preparation!

    Maintenance and Certification Services

    Particular if you have invested in automating a highly sensitive application like next-generation sequencing preparation, you want to keep your instrument and dispensing tools operating at their peak for optimal results. When it comes to maintaining accuracy, precision and reproducibility over the long term, preventive maintenance and certification services such as IQ/OQ and tool calibration are indispensable.

    Application Implementation

    Our In-Field Automation Specialist are available for comprehensive application training and support during the setup of your own methods, if you are having trouble with a protocol. Eppendorf offers various application support services for epMotion users with low to high throughput experiments.

    Our beneficial products for your NGS workflow

         Mastercycler® X50

    • High speed PCR with up to 10°C/s heating rate
    • Advanced cycler-to-cycler networking capabilities
    • Consistent results due to excellent block homogeneity
    • flexlid® design minimizes evaporation and reduces edge effects to improve amplification specificity

         Eppendorf LoBind® Tubes and Plates

    • DNA LoBind consumables increase quality and quantity of next-generation sequencing libraries by preventing sample loss due to adsorption to the plastic surface
    • Maximize the recovery of nucleicacids during sample preparation/isolation and after incubation and long-term sample storage

         Eppendorf twin.tec® PCR Plates

    • Highly uniform well geometry and rigid design makes twin.tec plates ideal for use with epMotion and highly compatible with PCR
    • cyclers and magnets
    • Available as 96- and 384-well LoBind PCR plate to increase yield of transcript species in NGS library preparation


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