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Therapeutic Antibodies

The use of monoclonal antibodies (mAb) has been accepted as an effective cure for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases. Today antibodies dominate the biopharmaceutical market and their development and production using hybridoma cells is widely established. Rising time and cost pressures in combination with the demand for higher throughput make the development of therapeutic antibodies challenging.

Many factors have to be taken into account and alternative solutions are evaluated to battle challenges like sample protection, efficiency, and reproducibility. In addition, optimized ergonomics can reduce hands-on time, protect lab staff from work-associated injuries and improve overall performance.

The mAb drug discovery process includes several centrifugation steps with individual requirements on the used device. Eppendorf solutions of centrifuges, rotors and vessel adapters are based on protocol evaluation and customer interviews within mAb drug discovery community.

Learn more about Eppendorf’s centrifuge solutions for hit to lead discovery, lead optimization, and candidate validation within the mAb drug discovery workflow (see table below).

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Centrifuge & Service Solutions

Hit to Lead Discovery

Selection of Screening Assays

Selection of Screening Assays

Production of Target Antigen

Cloning & Expression

  • Plasmid construction (small volume)                                                                         Molecular Biology Solution
  • Plasmid construction (large volume)                                                                         High Speed Solution
  • Expression in bacteria or cell lines (antigen production)                                          Big Volume Harvesting Solution​

Protein Purification & Concentration

  • Supernatant/lysate clarification                                                                                 High Speed Solution
  • Antigen concentration                                                                                               Versatility Solution

Generation of Hits & Identification

  • Hybridoma technology                                                                                          Versatility Solution
  • FACS/Flow cytometry                                                                                            Versatility Solution
  • High-Throughput Screening Solution                                                                   High-Throughput Screening Solution

Characterization of Hits & Selection of Leads

  • PBMC isolation                                                                                                    Versatility Solution
  • Screening assay                                                                                                   Low-Throughput Screening Solution

Lead Optimization

Characterization of Leads

  • PBMC isolation                                                                                                   Versatility Solution
  • Screening assay                                                                                                  Low-Throughput Screening Solution
  • Sequencing (sample preparation)                                                                       Molecular Biology Solution
  • Sequencing (plate spin down)                                                                            Low-Throughput Screening Solution

Protein Engineering of Antibody Leads

  • Humanization (plasmid construction, small volume )                                             Molecular Biology Solution
  • Humanization (plasmid construction, big volume)                                                 High Speed Solution
  • Plasmid amplification                                                                                              Big Volume Harvesting Solution

Transient Antibody Lead Expression

Expression in cells lines                                                                                                           Big Volume Harvesting Solution​

Candidate Validation

In Vivo Validation

  • PBMC isolation                                                                                                     Versatility Solution
  • Screening assay                                                                                                    Low-Throughput Screening Solution

Cell Line Development

Establishment of stable cell line                                                                                             Classic Cell Culture Solution