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    We Support You to Reach Your Goals in IVF Stress-Free

    We Support You to Reach Your Goals in IVF Stress-Free

    Eppendorf Micromanipulation Equipment - Made in Germany

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    Eppendorf micromanipulation equipment for ICSI and biopsies offers smart solutions to address the main challenges of modern IVF-labs. State-of-the art technology and reliable products made in Germany support you to stay productive and healthy.

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    1. Better fertilization-/blastocyst rates
    2. Speed up your ICSI/Biopsy-workflow
    3. Reduce work-related stress and pain – The PhysioCare Concept®
    4. ICSI-Training made easy and stress-free
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    Better fertilization-/blastocyst rates and successful biopsies

    High fertilization-/blastocyst rates and successful biopsies (e.g. trophectoderm, blastocysts, blastocoelic fluid) depend on many factors. Eppendorf IVF-equipment supports you with smart ICSI-related functions to reach and maintain high Lab Performance Indicators.

    Learn more below, request a product presentation and a free demo to compare it with your current solution - convince yourself.

    Minimal oocyte damage by minimized injection hole size

    The TransferMan® 4m electronic micromanipulator has three motors to move capillaries.The Y-axis motor can be deactivated by one push of a button to move the injection capillary in axial x-direction only. This reliably minimizes injection hole size - for higher oocyte survival rates.

    More motor control with real-time feeling

    TransferMan 4m electronic micromanipulators combine two motor control modes: direct or dynamic. The direct mode translates movement like a computer mouse and is ideal for finest control over capillary movement, e.g. for injections or biopsies.

    Adjust injection pressure responsiveness

    CellTram® 4m Air microinjectors were designed to optimize control in ICSI. A coarse and a fine knob can be used for optimal pressure control. Furthermore, you can easily adjust the pressure responsiveness of the knobs for a specific application and based on your skill level. Thus, either very sensitive pressure control or rapid pressure changes are possible.

    Download CellTram 4m brochure

    (Still) worried about capillary vibrations?

    Antivibration tables offer good protection from external vibrations. But if you are looking for cost-efficient basic, low-maintenance or additional protection, Antivibration Pads are a solid choice.
    They are easy to install under the base of the microscope.


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    Delay -free pressure responsiveness during injections and biopsies 

    When you turn the knobs of your microinjectors, do you recognize a delay between hand movement and the response under the microscope? This delay makes fine, direct control over sperm or biopsy samples inside the capillary impossible. The fine-tuned mechanics inside CellTram 4m microinjectors virtually eliminates this problem – for most precise control.

    Download CellTram 4m brochure

    Speed up your ICSI/Biopsy-Workflow

    You are facing an increasing number of ICSI-cycles or biopsies per day? Especially here, the advantages of the electronic micromanipulator TransferMan 4m come into play to speed up the process – while maintaining the same high fertilization-/blastocyst rates and biopsy results.

    Learn more below, request a product presentation and a free demo to compare it with your current solution - convince yourself.

    Fast capillary exchange and re-positioning within seconds

    Electronic micromanipulators can store capillary positions inside or outside the dish and change between them within seconds. Watch the video to see how fast and easy a capillary exchange can be – without dismounting the capillary holder or re-focusing during capillary re-positioning. Ready to proceed within seconds.

    Fast automatic switch between stored capillary positions 

    Electronic capillary position storage also enables fast switch between positions in and above the medium droplet – for fast change between droplets, increased working speed, and higher survival rates.

    Individualize the speed control of your joystick 

    Sometimes the speed of your manipulators doesn´t match your speed as an IVF professional? The speed control of the TransferMan 4m can be perfectly adjusted to the user of the setup - from trainee to professional. Watch the video to see how easy it is.

    Reduce work-related stress and pain – The Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept®

    Did you ever experience work-related stress or pain in arms, neck or back due to unergonomic construction or setup of micromanipulators? How many hours per day do you spend in an unergonomic position, e.g. with tensed arms at hanging joysticks? How much of your productive time is lost due to sick-leave related to this pain?

    The Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept® for micromanipulation equipment supports ergonomic work to stay healthy.

    Rest your hands - relax your arms and neck

    Do you have to keep your arm muscles tensed to maintain a certain working position over an extended time, e.g. by working with hanging joysticks? This can become a major source of pain mainly in arms and neck. With the TransferMan 4m micromanipulator the hand can rest relaxed on the panel without accidental activation of buttons.

    „One joystick“-concept

    The need to constantly switch between several control elements and speeds, e.g. to navigate the capillary in x, y, and zplane, is another known source of stress. With the TransferMan 4m micromanipulator, only one joystick is used to intuitively control the capillary.

    Ergonomic drive

    While you turn knobs of your microinjector, you also have to closely monitor the situation under the microscope. This kind of blind injector usage should be supported by ergonomic knobs and a coarse/fine drive for different speeds.

    ICSI-Training made easy and stress-free

    Training of new lab members on the processes and workstations is a major task for you as professional embryologists.

    Learn more below on how to make it easier and less stressful – to get your trainees to learn faster and with a positive experience.

    Easy and fast training of beginners

    One of the major challenges for beginners is the right control of several joysticks and knobs - while concentrating on the results under the microscope. The intuitive „one-joystick“- concept of the TransferMan 4m overcomes this challenge – a proven concept since decades for increased speed in training.

    Prevent capillary breakage

    One psychological barrier during training and a source of additional effort is capillary breakage at the dish bottom. The electronic capillary position storage effectively prevents this by the programmable z-axis limit function. Gain time for more important processes like the details of the injection procedure.

    Spill-free and easy oil filling of injectors

    The new oil-filling system of the CellTram 4m Oil helps to avoid spilling and facilitates the filling process. Learn more about the new CellTram 4m Oil.

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