Do you need to plan an experiment while saving time in the lab?

Do you need to plan an experiment while saving time in the lab?

Not for much longer: Become The Digital Experiment Manager

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How much time do you use planning and documenting your experiments? How important is it for you to minimize variability in your workflows and to effectively document them?

Have you seen the impact of:

  • Lack of access to the laboratory
  • More digital processes, including audits
  • Less opportunities to collaborate

Full traceability of executed protocols and a gapless documentation of laboratory workflows are crucial for an efficient and productive lab environment.

We at Eppendorf recognized the growing need for digital software services and the digital, connected lab. Improve your lab efficiency by driving experiment productivity and reproducibility from design to optimization.

Curious how you can overcome your reproducibility crisis?

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Why Should You Digitalize Your Experiments

Reduce time to generate detailed protocols and workflows

  • Create and manage protocols and workflows easily with drag and drop steps for high reproducibility and adaptability
  • Minimal training required due to the use of scientific nomenclature of protocol steps, e.g. Transfer liquid
  • Plan experiments to ensure experiment execution as planned

Manage your laboratory by assigning workflows to users

  • Ensure proper execution with guided and prescribed series of steps and connect your lab devices to stay in touch with the/your experiment
  • Keep record of devices, labware, and samples used during experimentation
  • Put an end to paper-based protocols and handwritten notes with a single tool

Minimize the risk of user variability with defined protocol steps

  • Full traceability of samples, reagents and used devices, errors and protocol deviations
  • Automatically generated documentation available after experiment execution
  • Enrich documentation with scientific results and data from connected devices e.g. measurements, errors and maintenance status

Digitalize your experiments from design to documentation

"Scientists gain a complete new experience when experiments in laboratories are truly digitalized – meaning from design to documentation. Enabling them with a modular and intuitive protocol creator, scientists work more productively within hours, as seen in user trials. By leveraging the power of guided execution and connected instruments, automated documentation can be created during experimentation freeing up precious time. This allows scientists to focus on what really matters and strive for increased reproducibility."

Jonas Anielski
Business Manager Digital Solutions

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