Streamline Your Process to Reduce Time to Market


| Bioprocessing

Growing cells in vitro is exciting. However, cells can be difficult to grow, there is always a risk of contamination, and process scaling up is challenging. Very tight deadlines to move from R&D to pilot to production makes cell culture work even more difficult.

To reduce time to market, Eppendorf offers a range of reliable, precise, controlled, and scalable cell growing devices from R&D to production. Less downtime caused by contamination, better cell growth due to precise conditions, parallel reactors for growth optimizations, and quick scale-up to production are the standard in our solutions.


Purchase the BioFlo® 320 controller and get 25% off the S41i.

  • Cat. No. 1379963011: BioFlo 320, base control station
  • New Brunswick™ S41i, 170 L, CO2 incubator shaker with inner static shelf and touch screen control, 120 V, orbit 2.5 cm (1 in) with Universal Platform