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PCR is a technology that is utilized in virtually every molecular biology laboratory and as the gold standard in countless analytical assays. Protocols can vary though depending on the application which may require unique reaction volumes, run times, replicates and optimization needed.

A versatile thermocycler such as the Mastercycler® nexus can streamline your workflow with features such as:

  • Universal block for compatibility with different consumable types from 0.2 mL tubes to 96-well plates
  • PCR annealing and denaturing temperature optimization with gradient range from 1–20°C
  • Effortless height adjustment with flexlid® for limited evaporation especially for longer PCR runs


Increase productivity by connecting up to two Mastercycler® nexus ecos to your existing unit and save up to 24%. Run PCR reactions in parallel with the Mastercycler nexus GX2 featuring a dual block with gradient capability and save up to 27%.

Purchase the MixMate® and save 15%.

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PROMO: Mastercycler nexus eco with aluminum block, 120 V/50–60 Hz

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PROMO: Mastercycler nexus GX2 with aluminum block, 120 V/50–60 Hz

Order No. : 2231000814

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PROMO: MixMate, basic device (tube holders sold seperately), 120 V/50–60 Hz

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