December 2018 Monthly Offers


01.12.2018 - 31.12.2018 | Monthly Offer

Save 28 % off all Research® plus and Reference® 2 pipette multipacks and All-you-need pipette bundles

Eppendorf pipettes are the ideal tools for your routine liquid handling needs in the laboratory. Every detail of our pipettes has been optimized to improve the user experience with robustness, accuracy, and ease of use. Experience the difference today.

  • Specialty pre-configured bundles to solve all your pipetting needs
  • Pipettes are fully autoclavable
  • Low tip ejection forces ensure optimal ergonomic functioning
  • Spring loaded tip cone also reduces the tip attachment forces for more ergonomic handling
  • Pipettes can be adjusted in seconds for better accuracy when pipetting various difficult liquids like ethanol or even when pipetting in high altitudes
  • Specially optimized space aged polymers make Eppendorf pipettes robust and lightweight, maintaining accuracy over time
  • Components of the piston and counter system have been designed to reduce operating forces and improve user efficiency and comfort

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Save 23 % off all Eppendorf epT.I.P.S.®

epT.I.P.S. Pipette Tips - Eppendorf Totally Integrated Pipetting System - the perfect combination with Eppendorf pipettes, resulting in reduced-force tip attachment and ejection with complete sealing. Save 23 % off all epT.I.P.S. today!

Features and Benefits


  • Ergonomically optimized cone geometry provides optimal pipette fit on the Eppendorf pipette
  • epT.I.P.S pipette tips can be used universally, including pipette models from other manufacturers
  • Fine graduations make visual checks of the pipetting volume clear
  • Long, narrow tips reach the base of narrow and high vessels without risking contamination
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ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S.

  • HEPA/EPA certified filtration for maximum aerosol and biomolecule protection
  • Dual protection of pipette and sample
  • Free of PCR inhibitors
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epT.I.P.S. LoRetention®

  • Ultra homogenous surface for maximum reproducibility
  • Ultrahydrophobic surface for minimal sample loss when pipetting detergent-containing liquids
  • Significantly reduced foam formation during pipetting of foaming liquids
  • Lot-specific certificates are available at: 

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