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September 2017 Monthly Offers

Let’s harvest the savings this Fall! Save on the Eppendorf Research plus or Xplorer pipettes and learn how you can get 2 FREE cases of epT.I.P.S.® Before the summer ends, save on the legendary Eppendorf tube. Get everything you need and more.

Multichannel Pipette and Tips Offer

Eppendorf multichannel pipettes make plate filling and transfers efficient and effortless. Every detail of the Research® plus and Xplorer® multichannel pipettes were designed to improve the user experience with ergonomics, accuracy, and efficiency.

Features for Research plus:

  • Easy to use electronic pipette with ‘at-a-glance’ selection dial, allows for effortless selection of different modes without having to navigate confusing submenus
  • Components of the piston and counter system have been designed to reduce operating forces and improve user efficiency and comfort

Features for Xplorer:

  • Specially optimized space aged polymers make Eppendorf pipettes robust and lightweight, maintaining accuracy over time
  • High accuracy and precision due to electronically controlled pistons. Reduces variation between users, providing better reproducibility


  • Forward pipetting
  • Reverse pipetting
  • Sample mixing
  • Removal of supernatants

SAVE an additional 20 % off Research plus and Xplorer multichannel pipettes and redeem 2 FREE full cases of epT.I.P.S. Reloads.*

*Only available on Research plus/ Xplorer multichannel pipette and epT.I.P.S. bundle catalog numbers

Promo code: GOPIPETTE20

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Summer Blow-out Sale!

For over 50 years, Eppendorf has strived to provide the highest quality laboratory consumables. The hinged Eppendorf Safe-Lock lid provides outstanding protection against unintentional opening during incubation and storage. Our 5.0 mL tubes represent the perfect option for working with medium-sized sample volumes. It fills the gap between existing tube formats and enables the simple and safe processing of sample volumes. epT.I.P.S. Pipette Tips – Eppendorf Totally Integrated Pipetting System – the perfect combination with Eppendorf pipettes. When working in a chemical or cell culture hood, the combination of a 5 mL pipette and 5 mL pipette tip is more ergonomic than the typical serological pipette and bulb/handle system.


  • Manufactured without the use of slip agents, biocides, or plasticizers – substances known to leach out and have negative effects on bioassays
  • High centrifugation stability of Eppendorf tube


  • Long and short term sample storage
  • Sample pelleting 
  • Cell culture

Buy 3 cases of 0.5 mL, 1.5 mL, or 2 mL Eppendorf Safe-Lock® tubes. Get 1 tube rack for free!

Buy 3 cases of Eppendorf Tubes® 5 mL or 1 case of Eppendorf Conical Tubes 15 mL. Get 2 tube racks for free!

Buy 10 cases of epT.I.P.S. Racks, Eppendorf Biopur, 0.1-5 mL. Get an Eppendorf Research plus, 0.5-5.0 mL. for free!

SAVE an additional 20 % off when you use promo code: SUMMER2017

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Offers valid for purchases on Eppendorf's website only, expires Saturday, September 30, 2017 and valid in the U.S. and Canada only.