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Culture of 3D Cell Aggregates in Perfusion

Three-dimensional (3D) cell aggregates are of great interest for many applications, including disease modeling, drug toxicity assessment, and manufacture of stem cell-based products. Stirred-tank bioreactors are promising culture systems for 3D cell aggregates, as they allow efficient establishment and maintenance of cell aggregates, process monitoring and control, and process scale-up to larger volumes. Furthermore, they can be operated in perfusion mode, which allows 3D cell aggregates to be sustained longer than in traditional batch cultures.

This webcast will review a research example for process development with the human tumor cell line H157, cultivated in stirred-tank mini bioreactors as 3D cell aggregates.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the challenges and benefits of perfusion cultivation for stem cells and 3D cell models
  • Gain insight on the impact of impeller geometry on cell growth and aggregate formation
  • Interact with an expert in a live Q&A session

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