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Centrifuge Performance Plans

Preventive Maintenance

The Centrifuge Performance Plans offer a choice of preventive maintenance services for consistent instrument performance and confidence in safety.

  • The “Essential Check” includes a check of all fundamental functions of the product.
  • The “Advanced Maintenance” includes all preventive maintenance services in order to keep the instrument in accordance with the manufacturer specifications.

Certification Services

Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) certification services ensure your Quality Management requirements are fulfilled, providing you with qualified assurance that your centrifuge system is functioning correctly, in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications.

Rotor Assurance Plans


Rotors and buckets are subject to normal wear and tear during regular operation and may be damaged as a result. Surface scratches, among others, can affect the chemical resistance and accelerate the corrosion process. The stress of high number of cycles increases the likelihood of microscopic cracks. These micro-cracks can be detected early on during a qualified inspection, which will allow the rotor to be exchanged before serious damage has occurred. Our certified, qualified service technicians use sophisticated borescope devices to detect invisible, yet critical, cracks and scratches. If none or very few surface changes are identified, the rotor can be used according to instructions - or for an additional year if the inspection was performed at the end of the recommended service life.

How to take regular care of your centrifuge. (Borescopy inspections of rotors are only available in selected countries.)