Office Equipment

Corporate work is diverse. Office, production, logistics, service, or sales are just the obvious examples when talking about working styles. Every dedicated activity has special needs but all over, there are aspects where sustainability is an on-going improvement process during daily work. How can we improve this process? How can we make work in production less loaded? Do we need to print out all documents?




The paper-free office is still a hypothetical model which barely fits to reality. But there are ways to reduce the daily amount of paper used, print runs, tapes, markers,…
The installation of big screens in meeting rooms enables a significant reduction of paper as protocols, and hand-outs of presentations can be handled in a digital format.
For a few years now, the printers and copy machines in the headquarter office are filled with certified paper.
For more than 15 years, used paper is collected in dedicated boxes and picked up for recycling. Most office spaces have dedicated collection bins at the desk.

Office furniture

Office people spend far too much time in sitting. We all know this but habits are challenging to change.
More and more offices at Eppendorf are equipped with tables which can be height –adapted to enable a healthy ratio of standing and sitting as well as personalized sitting positions. Ergonomic office chairs are common standard.
Where possible, motion controlled personal lights are installed, providing adaptable day-light for optimal illumination. This sensor-control saves energy and provides improved working conditions.

Digital equipment

Work without computers, without server systems, without a broad range of software packages has become impossible for the most of us. The more time you spend with your digital colleagues, the more important is a dedicated digital equipment.
For the last 10 years, we see a clear trend towards mobile computers to work in different locations in the company but also in the mobile office or when being on a business trip. Global access to all data needed provides flexibility and peace of mind. In the digital world you can constantly improve your working environment.


In contrast to many other suppliers in our community, Eppendorf still focuses on in-house production at one of our facilities which are mainly located in Germany.
Ergonomic aspects are important for all working steps, robots are used for heavy weight handling and non-healthy work.
Constant improving of production processes based on experience and group discussion within the production teams: Which step works fine, where can we still improve?