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ETC Liquid Handling Training Advanced – Introduction to Liquid Handling systems, maintenance and calibration in accordance with ISO 8655

Groupe cible:

All laboratory personnel working with liquid handling systems and/or responsible for the calibration and maintenance of those systems.

Objectif du séminaire:

Participants will learn the correct operation of liquid handling systems, how to choose the most suitable system for their application and how to work ergonomically. These findings lead to better and more reproducible results. In addition, participants learn how to calibrate liquid handling systems, taking into account the current regulations and laws.

Contenu du séminaire:

Theoretical part:

  • Basics of pipetting (with practical exercises)
  • Ergonomic aspects of  pipetting
  • Cleaning and decontamination of pipettes
  • Calibration according to ISO 8655
  • Adjustment of pipettes

Practical part:

  • Cleaning and maintenance – Assembly and disassembly – leakage test
  • Pipette calibration on analytical balance
  • Pipette adjustment

Training venue: Eppendorf Application Technologies, Namur, Belgium

Date de début:
2019-10-4 - 09:00

Date de fin:
2019-10-4 - 14:00

Prix net:
€ 339,00 TVA non comprise

Dr. Auriel Tacheny

Nombre maximum de participants:
max. 8 participants


Namur, Belgium