Seminar Details

Cell culture - theory and practice

Groupe cible:

Technical and scientific staff with no or little experience in cell culture

Objectif du séminaire:

Participants learn the basics of eukaryotic cell culture and how to apply aseptic techniques to avoid contamination.

Contenu du séminaire:

Cell culture in theory and practice. The cultivation of cells presents challenges in your daily lab work.  In this two-day course, you will learn the fundamentals for successfully starting work with cell cultures. 

Theoretical part:

  • Basic knowledge of the biology of eukaryotic cells
  • Essentials of cell cultivation (media, growth surfaces, incubation conditions etc.)
  • Avoiding contamination

Practical part:

  • Applying aseptic techniques at the biosafety cabinet
  • Cell culture routine: freezing, thawing and subcultivating
  • Determination of cell number and viability

Training venue: Eppendorf Application Technologies  Namur, Belgium

Net price:
€ 800,00 (Industry)
€ 600,00 (Academia and PhD Student)



Date de début:
2019-10-24 - 09:00

Date de fin:
2019-10-25 - 17:00

Prix net:
€ 800,00 (Industry), € 600,00 (Academia and PhD Student) TVA non comprise

Dr. Auriel Tacheny

Nombre minimum de participants:
min. 2 participants

Nombre maximum de participants:
max. 4 participants


Namur, Belgium