Seminar Details

Bioprocess Training – Advanced/refresher training

Groupe cible:

Experienced users.

Objectif du séminaire:

In addition to introductory training, Eppendorf also offers individual training adapted to the user’s requirements like advanced/refresher training for employees already having experience with the bioprocess systems in place. The structure and methods of the training are tailored to the customer’s requirements from a general overview to a very detailed session on specific products or issues. Training in small groups makes it possible to provide individual guidance.

Contenu du séminaire:

Possible theoretical contents

  • Cascading and controlling
  • Process automation and scripting
  • Design of Experiments
  • Advanced process control

Practical part

  • Hands-on, depending on topic
  • Trial experiments, depending on customer requirements

Dates on request.

Prix net:
On request TVA non comprise

Prix brut:
On request y compris TVA

Nombre minimum de participants:
min. 3 participants

Nombre maximum de participants:
max. 6 participants

English, others on request

At the customer´s site