The Next Level
    The Next Level

    Make your lab routine easier with the new Eppendorf Conical Tube 25 mL format

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    Replace the conventional conical tube in your workflow and see how Eppendorf Conical Tubes
    25 mL offer new possibilities.

    • They save storage space, reduce risk of contamination and allow easy sample recovery.
    • The Innovative SnapTecTM cap allows single-handed opening and closing for faster sample handling.
    • The new format comes with a full system of components, directly implementable in your lab periphery.

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    Lower height – Better sample availability

    • Easy access to low volumes. This new conical tube format facilitates easy sample access and faster resuspension of pellets after centrifugation.
    • About 20 % lower height compared to 15 mL/50 mL conical tubes enables contamination prevention and easy recovery of sample solution
    • Saves storage space: 3.5 inch boxes and freezer racks can be used instead of 5 inch formats required for 15 and 50 mL conicals

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    Innovative SnapTec™ cap - Single-handed opening

    • Single-handed operation – supports optimized and faster handling of sample solutions, especially in multistep protocols
    • First reliable snap cap for conical tubes protected by two technical patents

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    A full system of components - Directly implementable

    • Same diameter as 50 mL conical tubes ensures straightforward integration into existing laboratory periphery
    • Ensured tightness from -86°C up to 100°C *
    • Centrifugation stability up to 17,000 g *

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    * Please note the instructions for use for details ( “Eppendorf Conical Tubes 25 mL, snap cap” and “Eppendorf Conical Tubes 15, 25 and 50 mL”