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  • Anna Apr 14, 2021

    I'm proud owner Multipette® E3x, because it is very good product, light, ergonomic and beautiful. I can dispensing, aspirate, pipetting and titrate faster than anyone else in lab. :D

  • Maria Apr 08, 2021

    Eppendorf pipettes are our tried and true dependables. Having just recieved an influx of new scientists, we have invested in many pipettes (single channel, multichannel) and we are never dissapointed. I personally love how light they feel in my hand!

  • Tamar Apr 06, 2021

    We are a new lab working on the microbiome. Due to the corona virus setting up was extremely slow and we were using an Eppendorf PCR machine from a previous lab that is at least 40 yrs old.

    Today we excitedly received the mastercycler Nexus where we can create a temperature gradient. Now we can set up PCR programs with ease

  • Claire Apr 06, 2021

    I love my Eppendorf Centrifuge because I use it to produce high-quality cancer diagnostic testing products as part of my job. The centrifuge is reliable, dependable, and super easy to operate. I prefer using Eppendorf products and equipment over any other brands.

  • BINCY VARGHESE Apr 06, 2021

    That satisfaction and contentment of working with Eppendorf product you won't get with any other pipettes.

    working with Eppendorf pipettes for the past two years. The customer service is also appreciable and timely.


    Eppendorf pipettes are the most comfortable on hand grip, accurate with reliable result and can give constant result that is better than another brand. There is also beautiful and colorful color-coding that help our team work more efficient.

  • Allison Apr 06, 2021

    I absolutely love the reliability and ease of use with the Repeater E3. I have used it in the past and was extremely excited to be able to order one for my current job. I already personalized to say my name! Nothing compares to the Eppendorf Repeater! My coworkers were using multichannel pipettes and I was having none of it! Ordered the repeater the first chance I had!


  • Anna Bara Mar 30, 2021

    I work in a biotech company, where we're trying to find some substances which can help in cancer therapy. I am using Eppendorf products everyday during my lab work.

  • Joanna Mar 30, 2021

    Eppendorf pipettes are the most comfortable and userfriendly. All pipettes in our company are from Eppendorf. There is also beautiful and colorful color-coding.

  • Jenna Mar 29, 2021

    Very reliable product!