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  • Prabhakara Reddy Oct 20, 2021

    Eppendorf pipette is the world's most lightest pipette with good ergonomics. It is easy to clean and I use to service on my own when it gives problem. Thanks to Eppendorf to make my job easy. I don't have second thought to buy any pipette other than Eppendorf.

  • Chiara Oct 20, 2021

    Pipetting with an Eppendorf pipette is another level! Nevermore without

  • Ayako Oct 18, 2021

    I like Eppendorf pipettes. The first reason is that it is light and easy to use. The second is that the design is cute. Using an Eppendorf pipette makes me feel like "Let's do our best today!" I will continue to use it habitually.

  • Annamaria Oct 18, 2021

    I tried pipettes for the first time...the products are very handy!

  • Octavia Oct 18, 2021

    Our laboratory are owner of many Eppendorf pipettes, they are durable, accurate, trustworthy, quality products.

    Eppendorf is the best, make molecular biology easy!

  • Zi Ying Oct 18, 2021

    We have a Eppendorf Plus 8-channel Multichannel Pipette and and a Xplorer single BASIC that have been in heavy use since 2019 and 2021 by both staff and students. The pipette is light in weight, therefore not straining the wrist after long hours of usage, making it ergonomics friendly. It is a multipurpose tool where we use it for multiple experiments, such as cell seeding and drug treating. It is accurate and precise, providing reliable data for researchers with a goal of translating science from laboratories into clinics.

  • Noelle Oct 18, 2021

    I've been out of the lab for a number of years to work in clinical setting. I just got a job back at the lab bench helping a new investigator set up their lab. I just unpacked a brand spanking new Eppendorf Micro Centrifuge 5425 and had the pleasure of removing the rotor to remove the packing materials. As I re-installed the rotor, the beauty of the machine struck me. I'm so glad to be back in the lab!

  • Sara Oct 18, 2021

    When I see the distinctive eppendorf logo I know I'm in good hands. These trusty pipets and tips never let me down!

  • PANKAJ GUPTA Oct 18, 2021


  • jay Pudnos Oct 18, 2021

    I have been using Eppendorf pipets since 1985. They are a rugged product and stand up to a lot of use. Other pipets have broken and were difficult to use. I highly recommend Eppendorf to all my coworkers