Explore the Digital Lab

Your research enhanced with digital solutions

Streamlined processes and operations are crucial for a successful laboratory. Discover smart lab management software solutions for increased productivity when handling routine tasks in your lab.

“The laboratory of the future will be digital with varying degrees of automation and smart solutions empowering you to focus on your next breakthrough .”

Eppendorf Digital Lab Solutions

Man at the bench using the laboratory monitoring system to control the intelligent lab.

Explore the world of

  • Device remote monitoring
  • Sample security
  • Data management
  • Maintenance scheduling


Someone working with eLAB, the electronic lab notebook (ELN).

Learn more about
eLAB® products

  • Electronic lab notebook for your research documentation
  • Sample inventory management
  • Protocol creation and management

Sample identification
with SafeCode™

  • Barcode-based safe sample identification
  • Supported by sticker-free labeling
  • Modern high-density storage with highest sample safety, management, and tracking needs

What Digitization can do for you and your lab

Smart Storage with
the CryoCube® F740hi

By combining the longevity and quality of our existing freezers with digital lab solutions, we have designed a new and more secure way to store your high value samples.

Smart Incubation with
the CellXpert® C170i

Establish cell-conserving user habits by connecting your CO2 incubator to VisioNize.

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