Truly Macro
    Truly Macro

    Safe and contactless pipetting with macro volume epT.I.P.S.®

    Are you dealing with large liquid volume? Your sample deserves the best treatment. Our epT.I.P.S.® are available in a variety of purity grades to meet the needs of your application. Even our largest tips can be Biopur®; guaranteed to be sterile and free of any contamination with biological substances.

    Form follows function
    > Slim tip design: reduces the risk of cross contamination with deep vessels
    > Elongated tip design: for a maximum recovery of sample material
    > Graduations: easy visual recognition and control of liquid level when pipetting, dispensing or diluting

    TIPTalk of the Month – September 2020

    In which application the macro volume epT.I.P.S.® can be used?

    •  Chemical analysis
    •  Buffer preparation
    •  Biological analysis
    •  Cell Culture
    •  and more

    Eppendorf consumables are manufactured from carefully selected and purest raw materials. Fully automated production in a clean room environment excludes human interaction and possible contamination. 

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    Each single of your valuable samples deserves the best treatment. See for yourself how Eppendorf consumables will save time, reduce costs and enhance your results.

    Userguide 023 - Chemical Stability of Consumables

    Consumables such as Eppendorf tubes and pipette tips have to withstand the different kinds of stress and strain encountered in everyday laboratory work, e.g. when centrifuging and autoclaving, and at the same time are exposed to chemical reactions. Their level of stability to these effects is, to a large degree, determined by their material and its processing during manufacture. As a leading manufacturer of biotech products, Eppendorf uses PP and PE granulates specifically suited for the laboratory application and manufacturing process of its micro test tubes, Combitips and tips. 

    Read more in the Userguide

    Pipette Calibration Service - Treat your Pipettes well

    Precision and accuracy of the pipettes is important to ensure the quality of your results. Regular maintenance, calibration and adjustment assure your pipettes continue to generate reproducible results. Eppendorf offers a range of service options from economical calibration to GLP/GMP custom designed calibration services for Eppendorf and other brand pipettes. 

    More about our new calibration service portfolio

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