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VisioNize® News

Recently the VisioNize® system and the corresponding website have been launched in three additional countries. Since 1st of February all components of the VisioNize system are available for customers in the United States, Canada and Belgium.

The connections between the physical and digital world are growing every day. This intersection is transforming products, businesses, and processes across every industry. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Summit in Munich this November will bring together forward-thinking companies from the Manufacturing, Energy, and Transportation Industries to pave the way for the Industrial IoT revolution. This summit will address a wide range of timely topics, challenges, and case studies regarding the incorporation and optimization of the IoT within current and future industries.

Eppendorf scientist Dr. Arora Phang will be holding a discussion about the digital transformation in the life science sector. Dr. Phang will discuss the the SmartLab vision and Eppendorf projects, like the newly launched VisioNize system, as well as the challenges of legacy to IoT device integration.

Industrial IoT Europe

Lab Innovations is proud to be the home of product launches with over a third of the exhibitors using this exhibition as their chosen platform to launch their latest product portfolio. Eppendorf will also present new products and solutions to simplify the daily lab routine.

Visit us next to the entrance at stand E2 and get hands on with our latest products and smart innovations. This year we will be demonstrating our new device monitoring and management system, VisioNize® – a smart network in your lab to monitor and organise your lab equipment efficiently. VisioNize connects numerous well known Eppendorf devices such as the Centrifuge 5920 R, as well as other new products e.g. CryoCube® F740 ULT Freezer, S44i Biological Shaker and Mastercycler® X50 PCR thermal cycler to a central server application.

Now in its sixth year, Lab Innovations is the only event in the UK that enables you to interact with nation’s leading laboratory professionals, from a diverse range of industries, all under one roof. With all this and more, Lab Innovations has truly established itself as the perfect platform for time-effective, face-to-face business! Take this opportunity to also meet with us and see how the digital lab starts to become reality.

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We look forward to seeing you at our booth.

Recently the VisioNize® system and the corresponding website have been launched in three European countries. Since 1st of August all components of the VisioNize system are available for customers in Germany, The Netherlands and in the United Kingdom. The app version VisioNize go can be downloaded in the Apple App store accordingly.

The main topics of this year’s Labvolution are once again entirely dedicated to the laboratory of the future. These days, digital capture and management of sample information and experimental data are increasingly gaining in significance. The Eppendorf booth, too, will be entirely networked. At this world premiere, the Eppendorf VisioNize® system will be introduced to the public. This system, available shortly, comprises software and hardware components and allows the customer to network manifold Eppendorf instruments in the laboratory. A central software component provides the user with access to a display of the current status of all connected instruments, at any time and from practically anywhere. For example, the temperature of a freezer can be monitored and recorded for documentation and analysis purposes. In case pre-determined limits are exceeded, the system will notify the user via email. A completely new interface, which allows uniform handling of both instrument and software, ensures easy operation and analysis. In connection with the capture of relevant instrument data, the entire history of a sample may thus be collected and analyzed. All parameters taken together allow qualitative evaluation of a sample, even after prolonged storage or after being subjected to a number of workflow steps.

The main focus Laboratory of the Future goes very well with the combined presentation of the workflow software solutions eLABJournal and eLABInventory by the new Eppendorf subsidiary Bio-ITech B.V. Eppendorf, in collaboration with Bio-ITech B.V., first introduced the ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) at the analytica 2016 in Munich. Since March 22, 2017, the Eppendorf AG has been holding the majority of shares of Bio-ITech B.V., located in Groningen, The Netherlands. With this majority interest, both companies count on long-term collaboration. 

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