DASGIP® Control is now DASware® control 5


Revised software for benchtop bioprocess control

The updated graphical user interface of DASware control 5 provides intuitive process views, user-defined functions, and configurable charts. Thanks to a new database and core architecture users benefit from faster loading times even with big datasets. Proven functionalities of current DASGIP Control have been improved, such as parallel calibration procedures, comprehensive recipe management, and the seamless integration of offline analytical data. Flexible setpoint profiles enable process automation.

The parallel design of the software facilitates implementation of Quality by Design approaches and accelerates process development. With DASware control 5, researchers and process engineers in both cell culture and microbiology can operate up to 16 benchtop bioreactors in parallel, with each vessel and process parameter individually monitored and controlled. Using the Eppendorf DASbox® Mini Bioreactor System, a single process computer can manage up to 24 bioreactors.

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