Donate epPoints® – Protect the rainforest


Give up some of your collected epPoints for a good purpose and thus support a project run by the “GEO Rainforest Conservation” charity.

As of now, we are offering you the possibility to actively contribute towards the protection of nature by donating epPoints. From 75 epPoints upwards, you can help to support the work on-site.

GEO Rainforest Conservation helps people in Africa, Asia and Latin America to conserve their natural forests and resources and to use them sustainably. The promoted projects also improve the economic, social and sanitary situation of the local population.

Eppendorf will transfer the full sum of all donations to GEO Rainforest Conservation. The charity will use the money directly for the project chosen by Eppendorf.

You can find further information about the current project in Ecuador here.

Thank you for your donation!

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