Eppendorf at Lab Innovations 2015 stand E4


Experience first hand the latest innovative product solutions that will help overcome common problems in the bioprocess/cell culture laboratory.

Visit Eppendorf at Lab Innovations (4-5 November 2015) at stand E4 and experience first hand the latest innovative product solutions that will help overcome common problems in the bioprocess/cell culture lab. Exhibiting the cell biology workflow and showcasing new products from pipettes to freezers, Eppendorf staff will demonstrate how scientists and technical personnel working within the life science industry can simplify and eliminate cumbersome lab work and problems, and achieve reproducible and reliable results.

At the start of the workflow, it is vital to keep samples free from harm during cell manipulation. A powerful state-of-the-art refrigeration system with advanced temperature management, in a compact and ergonomic design, ensures the Centrifuge 5920R keeps samples safe during high-throughput applications. The high-capacity universal bucket design of the Centrifuge 5920R also accommodates tubes and plates, including Eppendorf Conical tubes, which have the advantage of ensuring samples are free from contamination with DNA, as they are free from DNases, RNases and human and bacterial DNA.

Safe and reliable products that help prevent contamination are crucial for subsequent stages in the cell biology workflow (cell seeding, cell cultivation, harvesting and preparation), and for these applications Cell Culture Consumables deliver exceptional levels of product purity and security. Advanced protection against contamination, and exceptional product and sample safety is achieved due to ISO class/GMP class C clean room production standard, a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6, and batch specific 3rd party quality testing. Ultimate ease of use is also achievable during the workflow thanks to innovative technologies. High efficiency air filter technology in the Eppendorf flasks provides improved contamination protection, whilst ConvexAccess™ neck geometry allows more ergonomic handling and facilitated entry into flasks.

Maximising assay reproducibility and further streamlining the workflow is possible thanks to the epMotion® automated liquid handling systems.  These systems eliminate manual pipetting errors and allow tasks to be competed with minimal training, whist the Multipette® E3/E3x, an electronic dispenser, combines easy handling with a broad range of features.

Finally, when looking to store valuable samples, it is important to choose a freezer that offers optimal efficiency and sample security. See how the CryoCube® Ultra-low Temperature Freezers from Eppendorf meet the highest standards for quality, support and energy savings.

To see the complete workflow including the products mentioned, visitors to Lab Innovations can find Eppendorf at stand E4. To find out more and register for free today, visit Alternatively, register via the Eppendorf banner on the Lab Innovations website and claim your free personalised Eppendorf pipette pen.