Eppendorf wins Frost & Sullivan award


Frost and Sullivan recognize Eppendorf with the 2015 North American New Product Innovation Award for Liquid Handling

"Frost & Sullivan independent analysis of the Liquid handling market confirms that Eppendorf’s superior portfolio is truly cutting-edge, high-value products designed with customer needs in mind. What differentiates Eppendorf is its ability to continually launch smart product advancements in a relatively mature marketplace. The company is always innovating, fastidious in its design, and proactive in matching new products to emerging needs. Frost & Sullivan's competitive analysis reveals that Eppendorf has earned a stellar brand reputation and a loyal customer following in the liquid handling market. For its commitment to innovation and delivering customer-focused products to meet the ranging needs of its industry, Frost & Sullivan is pleased to present the 2015 New Product Innovation Award for Liquid Handling to Eppendorf."

Liquid handling is a core process in nearly every life science laboratory. Eppendorf has made this a focus with their reliable instruments and consumables which are indispensable in today’s laboratory.

In its analysis Frost and Sullivan cited several key factors recognizing Eppendorf’s achievements:

"Eppendorf’s relentless pursuit of innovation leading to trailblazing liquid handling products has earned the company the Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Leadership Award for the Liquid Handling Market."