Let Users Speak about It – See How Automated Liquid Handling Changed Their Work


Automated workstations offer labs a revolutionary way of easy pipetting. We wanted to know where our epMotion is used and how satisfied users are. So we sent out a camera team to observe the work of independent laboratories. As a result we produced four short films about "The World of epMotion", showing the exciting environment epMotion is used in.

For example at "Chromosomal Laboratories, Inc." in Phoenix, Arizona/USA. President Nicole Bolin and her team are specialized in human identification through DNA analysis. Besides a wide range of jobs, they do forensic criminal testing using evidence like clothes or bones found at crime scenes.

We also visited a laboratory in Barcelona/Spain, where we found Dr. Antonio Guzmán, head of toxicology department, and his team, who work for the international pharmaceutical group ESTEVE. Their job is to determine the potential adverse effects drugs can have on the experimental systems and on the human being. Thanks to epMotion the team is able to liberate manpower for more specific tasks.

In the next example epMotion is used for gene expression analysis of frog oocytes by qPCR set-up in 384 well format followed by chip analysis. The features and advantages of this automation high throughput set-up are highlighted by the users from the Core facility lab in Department of Gene Expression of Institute of Biotechnology in Prague, Czech Republic.

Another automation example - Potential tumor tissue samples from surgery are processed for identification of abnormal signaling proteins as biomarkers. The epMotion fits perfectly in the workflow, as shown by the Pathology lab in Hospital rechts der Isar - Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany.