Oldest Eppendorf microcentrifuge competition winner announced


Congratulations to Alex Holme at the University of Liverpool!

Last year on Facebook we embarked on a mission to track down the oldest Eppendorf microcentrifuges in laboratories across the UK and Ireland.

This not only prompted a rush of dust removal from serial numbers of old centrifuges, but also an appreciation of just how many older Eppendorf centrifuges are still working today, proving they are a true workhorse of the laboratory.

We are pleased to announce our winner was Alex Holme at the University of Liverpool, whose prize was a new Centrifuge 5427 R. Alex, (pictured right) with her 1970’s Eppendorf Centrifuge 5413, was very happy to receive her new centrifuge and commented “We buy Eppendorf because they are such a reputable brand. This has been proven by our old unit here. We were delighted to hear of the news and look forward to many more years’ service from our new Eppendorf centrifuge.”

Eppendorf would like to thank everyone who entered the competition.

If you have any older Eppendorf equipment in your laboratory, we would love to see them!