The Eppendorf Bioprocessing catalog now available!


Download the new catalog with the full bioprocess portfolio from Eppendorf.

From the parallel mini bioreactor system for early stage bioprocess development, the benchtop and parallel bioreactor systems for the laboratory scale to the sterilize-in-place solutions for production: Eppendorf offers a comprehensive range of high-quality products for the growth of mammalian, microbial, insect, plant, and algae cells.

As a renowned expert in the production of sophisticated polymer products, Eppendorf offers the largest portfolio of rigid-walled stirred-tank single-use vessels and mitigates the widely discussed problems with leachables and extractables. Industry-standard glass bioreactors complete the range of vessels for bioprocesses.

Several BioCommand Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software packages meet individual requirements in bioprocess control. The comprehensive DASware software suite stands for next generation bioprocess management with DASware control as the key to parallel processing.

Download the new Bioprocessing catalog to learn more about the bioprocessing portfolio from Eppendorf.