The new Mastercycler® X50

    Take your fast PCR to the next level with the new Mastercycler X50. 10 °C/s heating gives you enjoyable speed. Your PCR run times will never be the same.

    Eppendorf’s new 2D-Gradient allows optimization of the annealing and the denaturation temperature in a single run – taking less time than ever before. This gives you the ideal set of temperatures for your PCR assay – quickly, conveniently, reliably.


    • Fast PCR with 10°C/s heating
    • 2D-Gradient for enhanced PCR optimization
    • Block temperature accuracy of ±0.15 °C
    • Advanced documentation capabilities

    More info

    The next stage of PCR optimization

    Eppendorf once again pioneers in the field of PCR optimization. Our innovative 2D-Gradient allows you to optimize two PCR temperatures (e.g. denaturation and annealing) in one run while using Eppendorf’s trusted SteadySlope® technology.

    The 2D-Gradient is a powerful tool to optimize a PCR towards better yields or better specificity, depending on your needs.


    Technical details

    The next stage of intuitive use

    A highly intuitive touch display, low noise levels, low power consumption, and the versatile flexlid lid concept complete the Mastercycler X50 and make it your ideal PCR cycler. Up to 10 units can be combined – ideal for high throughput applications or labs with a high number of users running different assays. Should you need more flexibility or throughput, up to 50 units can be combined in a computer-controlled network.

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