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Make your lab routine easier with the new Eppendorf Conical Tube 25 mL format

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Discover the new Eppendorf Conical Tubes 25 mL

Replace the conventional conical tube in your workflow and see how Eppendorf Conical Tubes
25 mL offer new possibilities.

  • They save storage space, reduce risk of contamination and allow easy sample recovery.
  • The Innovative SnapTec® cap allows single-handed opening and closing for faster sample handling.
  • The new format comes with a full system of components, directly implementable in your lab periphery.
  • New! Available with screw cap and SnapTec® cap in Protein LoBind® and DNA LoBind® for maximum sample recovery.
  • New! Available with screw cap and SnapTec® cap in Amber color for UV light sensitive samples.

Smart 25 mL Conical Solutions

Full protection and control

Amber colored Eppendorf Conical Tubes 25 mL with screw cap provide effective protection of lightsensitive samples combined with a high degree of transparency for full control over the insertion depth of your pipette tip.

Maximum Recovery

DNA LoBind Conical Tubes maximize sample recovery of nucleic acids by significantly reducing sample-to -surface binding. Perfect for preparing and storing samples containing low amounts of DNA.

Get the most out of Protein Applications

Protein LoBind Conical Tubes are designed for use in applications where protein concentrations are small and sample recovery is vital for assay results. The hydrophilic surface guarantees optimal recovery rates.

Dr. Chin Siok-Fong, Scientist, Malaysia

“Our chromatography work deals with many harsh chemicals used to extract and elute the compound of interest. Purity of chemicals and consumables is critical in our field of work. We use large numbers of inert glass tubes and subsequently produce either heaps of non-recyclable glass waste of full basins of washables glass tubes. Moreover, we often experience loss of precious clinical sample due to glass breakage during the centrifugation process. The excellent quality of 25 mL polypropylene (PP) tubes from Eppendorf allowed us to substitute the glass tube’s usage and reduced glass breakage hazard to zero, without compromising the chromatography quality. Comparable peak separation and elution were detected with Eppendorf PP tubes in contrast to borosilicate glass tubes, with no interfering peak observed from possible UV-absorbing leachables, even if detected at very low noise value. Integration of the Eppendorf 25 mL tubes into our targeted liquid chromatography detection workflow has saved us time in cleaning and reduced glass waste with equivalent quality of results.”

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Daniel Pellicer Roig, Research Associate at Facultat de Medicina i Odontologia

“It‘s never easy to extract pure RNA, especially when the process involves a myriad of cells, and most of them do not have an optimized protocol. Therefore, the quality of the materials used is crucial to avoid unexpected results. In our laboratory, we can only accept the purest RNA to understand genetic regulation in different cellular stages. Since we started using the Eppendorf 25 mL tubes, we discard fewer samples. The transparency of the Eppendorf 25 mL tubes allows us to perfectly visualize RNA pellets and separate them from other crystals formed during the process. Furthermore, since we have been using Eppendorf
25 mL tubes, we have never again had problems with organic solvents dissolving the containers. Their height also makes them very comfortable to work with in the laminar flow hood. For those reasons, Eppendorf 25 mL tubes are now part of our day-to-day work, and they are here to stay.” 

Lower height – Better sample availability

  • Easy access to low volumes. This new conical tube format facilitates easy sample access and faster resuspension of pellets after centrifugation
  • About 20 % lower height compared to 15 mL/50 mL conical tubes enables contamination prevention and easy recovery of sample solution
  • Saves storage space: 3.5 inch boxes and freezer racks can be used instead of 5 inch formats required for 15 and 50 mL conicals

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Innovative SnapTec® cap - Single-handed opening

  • Single-handed operation – supports optimized and faster handling of sample solutions, especially in multistep protocols
  • First reliable snap cap for conical tubes protected by two technical patents

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A full system of components - Directly implementable

  • Same diameter as 50 mL conical tubes ensures straightforward integration into existing laboratory periphery
  • Ensured tightness from -86°C up to 100°C *
  • Centrifugation stability up to 17,000 g *

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* Please note the instructions for use for details ( “Eppendorf Conical Tubes 25 mL, snap cap” and “Eppendorf Conical Tubes 15, 25 and 50 mL”

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