Why are you a proud owner of an Eppendorf product?

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  • Madhavi Annamanedi Feb 23, 2021

    I love to use Eppendorf pipette sets both research and +. I feel very convenient in adjusting requires volume with minimum stress on my fingers which I never felt with other company pipettes in my 10 year research experience. Other products I felt convenient is with cooling centrifuge both 5810R and 54245R. Very user friendly.

  • Abilash Feb 23, 2021

    It makes laboratory things easier & both time saving process. The accuracy is almost very sharp compared to other products. Calibration of products is easier


  • Dr Raghavendra Rao Sanagala Feb 23, 2021

    We are using Eppendorf PCR machines, centrifuges and Pipettes since 2008. we have 5 PCR machines, 2 refrigerated centrifuges, and 6 sets of pipettes and till today they are working in good conditions. We trust Eppendorf products because of their long life working condition.

  • Satnam Feb 23, 2021

    I will say only few words in a phrase

    "For me Precise and consistent Pipetting means Eppendorf"
    Keep it Up!

  • Elisa Feb 23, 2021

    I am a proud owner of Eppendorf Research® plus pipettes!
    Their lightweight and precision allowed me to obtain reliable and reproducible results with my PCRs. I have been working in the lab for many years now, and Eppendorf Instruments are a guarantee of efficiency!

  • Stavros Beteinakis Feb 17, 2021

    Our lab is the proud owner of many Eppendorf Pipettes, especially Reference 2. We are extremely happy with the accuracy and repeatability. But in the end nothing compares with the feeling of using such a premium product

  • Krista Feb 17, 2021

    We love the reliability of our Eppendorfs. They are great value for the money!

  • Sonia Feb 17, 2021

    My new mixer is great, so quick to install and very responsive with temperature settings!

  • Jim Feb 15, 2021

    Nothing is as accurate as an Eppendorf- it shows with every qPCR run! No comparison with other products on the market- I love my Eppendorf pipettes!

  • Robert Feb 15, 2021

    What makes me a proud owner of an Eppendorf product? The quality of it and the brand name, of course! There are plenty of pipettes on the market, but there is only one Eppendorf. What can I compare them to? They are like a Porsche among other cars. Paraphrasing JRR Tolkien's "Lord of the ring", each Eppendorf pipette is: 'One pipette to rule them all'. That's why I am a proud owner of an Eppendorf product.