ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S.<sup>®</sup><br>20 - 300 µL

ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S.®
20 - 300 µL

The Eppendorf ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S.® are the first filtertips with a two phase filter for contamination protection. The tips are manufactured to the highest possible quality from pure, non recycled materials under cleanroom conditions. They are characterized by defined flow dynamics, low wettability and high thermal stability. They are certified pyrogen free and PCR clean (free from human DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR-inhibiting substances).

Unique two-phase filter protection with ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S®!

ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S.® contain well-defined different pore sizes within the two filter layers. The white layer which faces the sample retains drops, splashes and aerosols. The blue layer above it forms a highly-effective double barrier, that reliably binds even biomolecules.

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