A Systematic Approach to Sustainability

Our Vision

Our mission “to improve human living conditions” requires us to positively transform the Eppendorf Group to operate safely within the planetary boundaries and respecting humanity:
we shall become climate neutral, minimize the use of natural resources, and improve human well-being throughout our value chain.

This vision is part of our strategic approach to take responsibility and contribute to a sustainable development.

Stakeholder-, impact-, and success-oriented

For years now, Eppendorf has taken its corporate responsibility very seriously. In order to systematically integrate environmental and social aspects even more strongly into the Group's activities, Eppendorf has set itself a clear strategic framework.

The basis of the strategic framework is a combination of integrating different perspectives on 20 responsibility topics relevant for Eppendorf: The dialog with various stakeholders, a data-based determination of our environmental and social footprint using an impact analysis and a success-oriented assessment.

Sustainability along the entire value chain

For Eppendorf, corporate responsibility does not begin with its own incoming goods, nor does it end at the sales table. Instead, the focus is on the entire value chain. Thus, the strategic framework includes 20 topics in the areas of climate change, natural resources, social compliance, human well-being, digitalization, and society - and this from the raw material supplier to the customer.

Our Management Team is committed to ensure successful implementation, each member of the Board of Management has assumed responsibility for a guiding theme:

Eva van Pelt (Co-CEO)

Social well-being I Strategy & Governance

As a global high-premium life-sciences manufacturer we need the best people to develop our business and serve our customers with the most ergonomic products. We want to become the most attractive workplace in our industry for global talent and foster innovation through diversity and lifelong-learning.

Dr. Peter Fruhstorfer (Co-CEO)

Use of natural resources

The usage of natural resources is stressing the planetary boundaries – we thrive to become the leading player in our industry minimizing the usage of natural resources where it matters for us and our customers. Therefore, we focus on efficient/alternative solutions for packaging and consumables while introducing circularity concepts where possible.

Axel Jaeger (CFO)

Climate change

We see climate change as one of the biggest challenges of our times – as a highly specialized, but smaller industrial player we commit ourselves to the below 2°C reduction path of the Paris Agreement. Our goal is to become climate neutral in our own operations and enable our customers to achieve climate neutrality as well.

Dr. Wilhelm Pluester (CRO)

Global social compliance

Complex global value chains have challenges in working conditions and human rights - we systematically address these issues in our value chain and give adequate guidance to our suppliers to improve.