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    All you need for centrifugation, heating and mixing of your sample with new Eppendorf Tubes®

    Discover the new Eppendorf Tubes 5.0 and 25 mL! With the new Eppendorf  tubes, we take the field of tubes to the next level. The new 25 mL tube is available with screw cap and also with the innovative SnapTec®  cap. This patented lid solution represents a unique snap cap within the conical tubes segment.
    Premium raw materials without the use of slip agents, plasticizers, and biocides during manufacturing ensure highest sample integrity. High centrifugation stability up to 17,000 x g, lid tightness from -86 °C up to 100 °C as well as optimal sample and pellet visibility are assured.

    > Reduced height gives easy sample access and minimized risk of cross-contamination 
    > Single-handed opening and closing through SnapTec® cap ensure for fast liquid extraction and addition
    > Centrifugation stability up to 17,000 x g1) for both tube variants - SnapTec® cap and screw cap​​​> Tightness from -86° C up to 100° C ensures you safe sample handling
    > Matching accessories for centrifugation, mixing and heating, sample preparation and storage ensure straightforward integration into existing laboratory environment
    > SnapTec® cap tube can be autoclaved up to 121°C (20 min)1)

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    •  Cell culture applications, optimal for pooling, e.g. pooling media from 3 x T75 flasks (25 mL)
    •  Sample preparation in microbiology and molecular biology labs, e.g. bacteria culture in midi prep size, cloning, DNA extraction when working with a relatively high amount of biological starting material (in botany)
    •  Storage and transport of samples and solutions up to 25 mL
    •  Preparation of master mixes and buffers  

    Application note:
    Replacing Glass with Plastic in Analytics: Comparison of UPLC Spectra of Samples Processed in Glass and Eppendorf Conical Tubes 25 mL    

    How to reduce the risk of contamination by using Eppendorf Conical Tubes 25 mL 

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