Well Done!

    Well Done!

    Maximum Sample Recovery

    Choose to have confidence in your nucleic acid extractions and protein assays. Eppendorf DNA and protein LoBind plates are designed for sample recovery of almost 100% - great news for your downstream applications!

    •  OptiTrack® Matrix: up to 30 % faster sample finding and fewer pipetting errors due to high-contrast alphanumeric labelling
    •  RecoverMax®-Well Design: Optimized well geometry for minimized residual volume and excellent mixing properties
    •  Raised corrugated edges and smooth surface for reliable sealing, even during heat sealing
    •  g-Safe®: excellent centrifugation resistance for up to 6,000 × g

    TIPTalk of the Month – May 2020

    Eppendorf Plates Barcode Wizard - Your easy and fast way to specify barcode labels for Eppendorf plates

    Eppendorf Plates can be customized with scannable and human readable barcodes for reliable plate identification and sample traceability. On the following pages you can easily specify your personal needs like the type of the plate as well as the position of the barcode(s). After completing the Barcode Wizard a PDF form containing your chosen specifications will be sent to you and to your local Eppendorf organization via e-mail. You will then receive a quotation for the selected and specified barcoded plates afterwards.

    Read more here

    Use of Eppendorf LoBind® Tubes to consistently prepare and store standard panels for real-time PCR absolute quantifications

    This Application Note describes how the choice of vessel can affect the reliability of DNA standard panels preparation used in real-time PCR assays for absolute quantification.

    Read more in the Application Note

    How it works - Eppendorf LoBind®

    Protein LoBind – Get the most out of your protein preparation and don’t lose up to 90 % of protein molecules to the polymer surface of your Eppendorf plate well or Eppendorf tube. See how this works in our animation.

    epMotion® 96 – semi-automated electronic 96 channel pipette

    The Eppendorf epMotion 96 is an easy to use bench top automated liquid handling system for high precision multichannel pipetting in 96- and 384-well plates.

    As an affordable solution it overcomes the limits of manual multichannel pipetting. Its ergonomic design and intuitive handling makes this 96-channel pipettor a great tool for anyone who needs fast and precise liquid handling in a 96-well format.

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