384. Ready. Set. Pipette!

    384. Ready. Set. Pipette!

    Manual pipetting into 384-well plates made easy!

    Fill a 384-well plate within a minute!

    Learn more about our 16- & 24-channel pipettes and the innovative epT.I.P.S. 384 pipette tips with

    • Extraordinary tip fit and tightness
    • Perfect coaxiality and tip shape

    384. Ready. Set. Pipette!

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    Regarding the new Eppendorf 16- and 24-channel pipettes for 384-well plates

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    What‘s back in stock?

    Mechanical Eppendorf Research® plus 16- & 24-channel pipettes

    The gold standard 

    Electronic Eppendorf Xplorer® plus 16- & 24-channel pipettes

    For highest efficiency 

    epT.I.P.S.® 384 pipette tips

    With SOFTattach technology for utmost user safety

    1. Ergonomics – Practiced innovation

    epT.I.P.S. 384 with SOFTattach technology

    Elastic forming groves provide a perfect seal while operating forces are reduced to a minimum

    Your benefit:

    • Outstanding and reliable tip fit and tightness
    • Reduced tip attachment and ejection forces

    Spring-loaded tip cone

    Haptic feedback provided by all Eppendorf pipettes up to 1 mL allows ergonomic and safe work

    Your benefit:

    • Have a secure feeling of perfect tip fit
    • Reduced tip attachment forces - just one soft push


    Staggered tip ejection in Eppendorf multi-channel pipettes reduce tip ejection forces

    Your benefit:

    • Outside tips eject before the inside tips
    • Ejection forces reduced by 50%

    2. Reproducible results

    The new pipette/pipette tip system optimized for 384-well plates provides a high level of reproducibility and user safety

    Your benefit:

    • Start up to 24 reactions simultaneously
    • Extraordinary fine tip shape and coaxiality for safe plate maneuverings 

    3. Time-saving

    Tedious alternate well pipetting with 8- or 12-channel pipettes is not necessary anymore with 16- or 24-channel pipettes

    Your benefit:

    • Process complete columns or rows in just one step
    • Increase efficiency by 50% reduction of pipetting steps

    Customer feedback


    • „Up to three times faster than with 12 channel pipette“
    • „Up to 20 plates per day faster than with our pipetting robot“
    • „Quick and easy tip attachment and yet reliable tip seat“
    • “Significantly less mistakes and less stressful“
    • “More efficient as up to 24 reactions could be started simultaneously“

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