Eppendorf Group-wide Statement on COVID-19

The constant challenges posed by the coronavirus, also with regard to the new Omicron variant, continue to be both a mandate and an incentive for Eppendorf to provide you with the best possible support in this extraordinary situation. As before, our task force at the corporate headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, is in close contact with the worldwide subsidiaries and production sites of our corporate group. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Eppendorf employees all over the world have been doing their utmost to ensure and expand our production capability and delivery capacities. Nevertheless, due to the very high demand for certain products, we could not and cannot avoid delays in our ability to deliver. This applies in particular to materials and equipment used in Covid 19 testing and vaccine development and storage.

In addition, limited freight capacities in all logistics areas around the world make it difficult to deliver ordered goods on time. There is a shortage of containers and Corona-related delays. All this leads to longer transportation times, which also affect product delivery.

We regret that some of our customers have to wait longer than usual for the delivery of our products. We ask for your understanding. For information on the status of your delivery, we ask all customers to contact the responsible customer service in your region directly.

Eppendorf has taken extensive measures in all relevant areas to make the situation as positive as possible for our customers:

The number and size of our global distribution centers is being increased to improve capacity and delivery times. In addition, further investments are made in IT systems and a brand-new department is being established to create a fully digitally connected global supply chain and enable transparency to our customers. 

To ensure even better availability of goods, we have also significantly increased production capacities at all plants to meet the sharp rise in demand. We are also continuing to work at full speed to adapt our production and supply capacities to the new circumstances. In addition, our German production sites in Oldenburg (Holstein), Germany, and Hamburg, Germany, have received official confirmation of their system relevance from the responsible state governments. As part of the system-critical infrastructure, this enables Eppendorf to continue production without restriction even if COVID measures become more stringent, e.g., due to the spread of the Omicron variant.

Of course, we continue to rely on our proven Corona measures to protect all Eppendorf employees. With our in-house vaccination campaign, we actively support the containment of the infection process. The vaccination rate within the Eppendorf Group is high, yet a stricter home office regulation is currently in effect. In addition, the applicable regulations are complied with at all sites.

To provide the best possible support for our customers, we have also made adjustments to our on-site service, in our workshops and in our calibration laboratories, in order to respond to inquiries with all the necessary safety measures. Depending on the country-specific situation, this acts by telephone or, as before, in person on site. In doing so, Eppendorf responds with a high degree of flexibility to the sometimes very different customer wishes – together with the customers, the specific procedure is coordinated depending on the situation.

If you have any further questions about Eppendorf's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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