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Bioprocess engineers develop and produce a multitude of products and ingredients available today. Their applications are diverse, and the products can be found in pharmaceutical, chemical, and nutrition industries. With an integrated portfolio comprising software, instruments, consumables, and services, Eppendorf can satisfy the demands of bioprocess development through production. In that way and in line with our corporate mission, we contribute to the efforts of Eppendorf customers worldwide to improve human living conditions.


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Visit our basic bioprocessing page on which we provide background information, tips and tricks, and examples to support you in setting up your bioprocess.


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Bioprocess initial and advanced/refresher training

The structure and methods of our training courses are tailored to the customer’s requirements from a general overview to very detailed sessions on specific products or topics. Training in small groups ensures individual guidance. We are offering initial trainings for new users as well as advanced/refresher trainings for experienced users.



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Bioprocess engineers must keep track of recent trends and consider various aspects, such as scale-up capabilities, control strategies and automation, and validation requirements. New applications such as stem cell cultivation may evolve to powerful tools in the future.


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Browse through our Knowledge Base - a virtual library - and have a look at our collection of application notes, white papers and publications.
Our brochures and flyers, as well as our catalog 2020/21 are availabe for download, too.



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Regional bioprocess contacts

The devices and products used in bioprocessing laboratories must meet the highest quality standards. Close contact to the customer and, at the same time, working across countries is our strategy to provide optimum support in this globally linked industry.

You can expect the highest competence: Our sales and service specialists are 100 % focused on bioprocessing and there to support you.


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