Increase organization and efficiency in your lab

eLabInventory offers an intuitive and flexible solution for inventory management in laboratories. This highly customizable software organizes any sample type in the lab and can be fully configured to work in your unique environment.

It is available standalone or integrated into eLabJournal.

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eLabInventory Key Features

Our broad range of features and flexible add-ons makes eLabInventory perfect for your research institution. Check out our product comparison for a full feature overview.

Keep your data secure

A full audit trail is automatically recorded for any sample in the lab. Any changes are kept in a chronologically ordered event log that follow GLP/GMP guidelines.

Keep stock up to date

Centralize your orders by keeping track of and receiving notifications when chemicals, samples, and consumables run low on stock.

Access from anywhere

Your data can be securely accessed by you anytime, anywhere. Mobile access is available through the Mobile App (Android & iOS).

Eliminate human error 

Generate and print 2D barcodes for labeling sample tubes, boxes, and devices. Use the Mobile App to view information on your smartphone or tablet.

Visualize your database

Visualize the entire lab and set up storage locations according to your lab specifications. Easily browse through storage locations to locate samples in the lab.

User Roles and Permissions

Set up user roles and assign permissions per role. Organizations can set up an unlimited number roles and permissions for every role in the lab.

The world’s best laboratories work with eLabInventory

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